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Diffirent Types Of Marketing

Jun 2, 2008
You have several different types of Marketing Teller marketing Witch is where you make phone calls to people you don`t even know. ECommerce Affiliate Marketing is the type of Marketing where you sale other people Products. You don`t even have to buy the product from

them to sell them and you get payed for it.Then you have your hole-sale-product Market Where you find distributor that sale there stuff brand new at rock bottom prices in the USA and over Seas.But the one out of all these Markets I have tried that I like the best is Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing. It doesn`t take that much time to run this about 2 our three hours a day.Once you learn all about how Affiliate Marketing works it is easy as ABC. if I can do it anyone can.

Going back to the beginning your telemarketer all they do all day is what we us to call dial for dollars.With cold calling you don`t have much luck of making any money you may call twenty people before you got someone to agree to buy something.

Then you may have to call a hundred people just to get that one person to buy.Plus every time you get a rejection it lowers your willingness to keep trying to stay in the marketing business.You all so have some telia marketing like I was in where if you got the person to agree to a in home showing.

You would drive to there house to show them the product and a video and let them hear two or three calls.

Your Hole-Sale Market that is stuff that you buy and sale on E-bay.You can buy them real cheap and you can make a profit off them them.Lot of people make such a good living at it they quit there day job and go sale full time on E-bay.Plus they even have a E-bay training camp for newbies.

You can even have your own E-bay store very low cost for a webpage.

Affilliate Market you can chouse from promoting audio books to people business to different types of products.there is a wide range of things that you can advertise to sale.even Casinos to Adult Entertainment the list is endless. But for me I have done all three.And Affiliate Marketing one is the easiest to do it is not as stress full and nerve racking a cold calling.

Or you don`t have to worry about getting turned down by a Prospect when you call them.And you don`t have to worry about having to chance them down.You can sit behind your Computer and do your work for three or four hours and your done.

Then you have the rest of the day to do what you want to do

So there you go if someone that is Handicapped can do this I have a Blog all you have to do is go to GOOGLE and type in www.JBMoneyMaker.com and PluginProfit.com/main-20253 info on the Google search will have about my Blog in it.

Regards Joe Booth
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