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Whoa That Is To Much Information

Aug 17, 2007
I am not writing this article to pass judgement on the quality of any of the information that is for sale online. It just seems to me that there is way to much of it. I am reminded of a scene in the movie City Slickers II where Jon Lovitz asked a question and when Daniel Stern starts going on and on in his answer Jon replies Whoa to much information.

Willie Crawford, who is one person I actually listen to and look forward to getting his emails, was complaining in the Warrior Forum yesterday that he is asked to look at new projects everyday that are very similar to what he looked at the day before. Many times it is coming from someone who has not personally done the advice they are now selling.

Although not on the scale of Willie, I receive requests every week to look at a new project or eBook for free in hopes Iwill want to sell it. Since I am in affiliate marketing and internet marketing I guess it makes sense that I would want to take a look at what is coming out.

To me the problem is this. Internet marketing is an incestuous business in many ways. Everyone is preying on each other. The person who gets hurts is the poor guy, or gal, that really would like to make money, but can not for various reasons. So they buy the next hot tips book hoping it will contain the magic bullet they need.

Let me tell you something. Most of them will not. If you have not read the last hot tips book you bought do not buy another one until you do. I have found that by joining a few good internet marketing forums, I can get all of the information I need to make money online for free. There are so many talented marketers out there that are willing to share what is working for them for free that very rarely will you ever have to buy anything ever again. You can Google search for forums, or discussion forums and come up with some to check out for yourself.

The other thing is join a few free newsletters from someone you trust. You can get free information on making money online delivered to your email for free. My make money newsletter is one of them and I invite you to subscribe to it if you want.

Phil Wiley is someone who I respect as well, and he says he has made a full time living working part time online for many years now just selling affiliate products. He wrote one eBook several years ago and that was it. Think about that. You do not have to create new products or buy the ones that are rehasing old information on how to make money. Just find something you like and make money selling it.

And do not buy anymore books until you have read the ones you already have.
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