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Waiting Room Toys - Can Your Business Benefit?

Jun 2, 2008
The growing trend among retail businesses has been the transformation of the shopping experience. Companies no longer compete on prices and service along. Customers now expect you to provide a superior shopping experience from that of your competitors. A superior shopping experience may be created by something as simple as a coat rack, although we all know this will no longer suffice. Consumers want to feel special, they want attention and they want to feel as though people are making an effort to cater to their individual needs.

As one may imagine, there are endless creative methods for making your customers' time in your store or office pleasant and memorable. However, there is one very practical and effective tactic is often overlooked even though it addresses a serious issue. Mothers that take their young children shopping or to run errands tend to rush through these outings and commonly do not enjoy their experiences at all. With small kids running around searching for something to occupy them, parents tend focus too much on leaving the place of business rather than on purchasing.

While this may seem to be a trivial matter, the follow points should be noted:

1. When parents are too focused on what their children are doing, they will feel as if they must rush out the store and not browse through all of the product.

2. When parents do not enjoy shopping, they will go shopping less often.

3. When parents have a stressful experience at a given place of business, even though it may be for a reason having nothing to do with that business, they will have a negative association with that business and frequent there less often.

One simple solution for enhancing these customers' experiences while building customer satisfaction and loyalty is by keeping toys on hand with which the children can play. Today there are many sturdy, durable toys specifically made for use in public setting such as stores and waiting rooms. These toys help keep the children happy while their parents can focus on the task at hand, supporting your business.

The best thing about keeping toys at one's place of business for the the purpose of entertaining your customers children is that the return on investment is very high. Filling a small section of your office with toys can be accomplished with anywhere from $200 to $2000 depending on the exact size of the space and quantity and quality of the toys. Consider how much extra business one must attract when they become a "child friendly" business in order to cover the expense of these toys. Even super market with low price point items may be able to cover this expense with 3 new customers that they would not have otherwise had. Providing these toys will upgrade any business to a level of customer service they have not reached before. Best of all, almost any business can benefit from becoming "child friendly."

In summary, providing toys for your customers' children to play with is one of the smartest moves you can do as a business owner. It not only improves business in the short run, it build brand loyalty which will benefit you for the long term as well.
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Y. Marcus writes for Toy Prodigy Educational Toys, an online store specializing in waiting room toys, doctor's office toys and educational toys for young children.
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