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Use Great Customer Service To Grow Your Business

Jun 2, 2008
When you are able to satisfy your customers, you are persuading them to stay with you. When you give them more than they expect, not only are they likely to be more loyal but they will also become part of your sales team by referring new business your way.

The last thing you need is a customer that goes on to share his or her bad experience with your company with others. Your business will definitely be in trouble then, because bad news travels fast and the word will get round quickly about the poor service your business provides.

The best way to improve your customer service is by taking responsibility for the mistake(s) you have made at an early stage. It is inevitable, people make mistakes, and so do companies. If, however, you have made a mistake, your customers will more likely understand and listen to you if you let them know. Most will forgive the error you have made if you admitted responsibility and took action to correct it quickly.

Most of the time it will not be you that provides customer service unless something drastically goes wrong. Therefore it is a good idea to discuss ways of improving your customer service with your employees. Get them involved and ask for their suggestions and ideas on how your business can serve your clients better.

We all get annoyed with certain customers but be careful not to show your anger to your employees. If you as the owner of your business talks of a certain customer as being obnoxious, the likelihood is that the employees of the company will also look upon the customer in the same way. The result will likely be that the employees will provide that customer with a poor service due to their negative emotions.

Customers like to feel as if they are in control. Therefore, the more information you can provide them about their orders the better. If you have a website, create an area where they can login and get automated information about the progress of their order. Your employees have to fill this information anyway, so why not let the customers track the progress of their order?

If you know you are going to be late in satisfying your customers' requirements, let them know as soon as possible. Often, if they have had enough forewarning they might be able to source their requirement elsewhere in time and without disrupting their business.

Try not to make excuses or blame others for something going wrong that affects your customers. Even if it was your suppliers fault, you should not involve anyone else when a complaint is raised. Ultimately it is your responsibility, once you have accepted the order and confirmed a delivery time.

Excellent customer service kicks in when the company goes out of its way to do as requested (given that the customer is not taking advantage of them), and that the company trusts their employees to handle the situation in the best way possible.

Customer loyalty is a big factor in a business's success. In fact, it is one of the most important factors that contribute to repeat business and therefore your earnings in the longer term.
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