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Soap Making - The Home Business That Makes Scents

Jun 2, 2008
Maybe you've been making soaps for a while now and it has become more of an addiction than a hobby. Why keep investing more money into your "hobby" without getting anything in return? Why not turn your hobby into a full-fledged business? One that not only makes sense, but can also earn you some major cents!

The Basics

More and more, people are turning their hobbies into money-making opportunities. And it's no wonder. There's nothing better than getting paid for something you spend time doing anyway and already know you enjoy!

With much focus these days on taking care of our earth, soap making offers a wonderful way you can do your part in promoting products with natural ingredients - vegetable oils, herbs and clays, to name a few.

It may take some trial and error on your part to get the hang of it, but once you have it down, the marketing options are endless. Not only do homemade soaps appeal to earth-conscious consumers, but they have also become popular gift items. Aromatherapy items are in demand, as are fun and unique products you can't find on every store shelf. Homemade soaps make perfect gifts for house-warming, bridal or baby showers, Teacher Appreciation, Mother's Day, or even as children's birthday party favors.

What you will need to begin

While oils, lye and distilled water are the base ingredients, there are several others you will need for your soaps, including fragrances and colors. You'll need to research which exact ingredients are needed for the particular soaps you intend to make.

Other than ingredients, moulds are a must. You can use any form of mould made from plastic, wood, or cardboard. Some candle and candy molds work well but there are many various soap moulds available, which give you plenty of options.

Of course, a computer and Internet access is vital with any home business today so you can promote and advertise your soaps on message boards, blogs, and by creating your own website.

And don't forget about the technical stuff, like a business licenses or permits and record keeping essentials.

Money matters

You definitely will not get rich quick making soaps. In fact, you may not even get rich slowly. But once you've established your business, you could earn a comfortable income, depending on how much time you invest into it. The major factor will be how well you market yourself as a soap-maker and how quickly word spreads.

Between moulds, ingredients, and wrapping materials, the cost per bar of soap you make can be anywhere from $.50 - $2.00. So, if you charge say, $3.99 per bar, you will earn a 100% (or more) profit. And then you must also factor in your time and other miscellaneous business costs. But don't let that seemingly small number discourage you. By researching wholesale supply companies and spending wisely, as well as learning to make soaps quickly, your overall earnings greatly increase. It's not unusual to make upwards of 500 bars of soap per month. That can add up to a nice amount of cash.

Where to sell your soaps

As mentioned above, a website is an easy way to widely spread word about your business and direct potential customers for more information. Other avenues of advertising and selling include craft fairs, local gift shops, or hosting home parties. But, of course, word-of-mouth is the best way to gain a reputable reputation and cause those orders to start rolling in. Give your soaps away as gifts and include a tag or business card with contact information.
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