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Reasons Why You Should Add Background Music To Myspace

Jun 3, 2008
There are plenty of reasons why you should add background music to your Myspace profile. With over 230,000 new registrations per day, it just means that the cyber world is overwhelmed with gazillions of other people that have a Myspace profile. And to make it sound mathematical, out of these gazillions, the probability of people chancing upon your profile page is very (very!) slim, unless you pick up the effort to make it different. This is simply one of the reasons why YOU should add some background music to your Myspace profile.

Here is the link between the music that you have chosen and your myspace profile page: they are like oxygen and humans. There is no way we can live without oxygen and similarly, there is no way your Myspace profile page is going to stay 'alive' without having music embedded into it.

First things first, background music will definitely help to add color into your profile page. Music makes the world (and your Myspace profile page) go round. If you don't believe me, go ahead and try it. If you know how to embed good heart-thumping songs into your Myspace page, then chances are the people who viewed your site might like it and linger a while longer on your profile page. This also means that you are increasing the chances of making new friends and pen pals.

Secondly, why it is advisable to add background music to Myspace is because the kind of songs that you choose will reflect your identity, just like how the colors or your Myspace profile will tell your profile visitors what kind of person you are and your music preferences. If you are a rock chick, then most probably some punky track will help visitors better recognize your personality. And not to mention, the kind of songs that you choose can also be used to mix well with the overall look of your Myspace profile. If your Myspace profile page looks dark and eerie, a gothic musical track will definitely help to bring out the real identity towards the visitors. Visitors who might have the same music interest or concept as you will definitely be more tempted to drop a comment or two.

Also, if you are a musician yourself, than most probably adding a track from your song will help in promoting your songs to the public. Got a guitar solo to show off? Then record it and embed them into your Myspace profile and soon, you can expect people to start commenting on it. You can also use Myspace for promotional purposes and to help you introduce your music to a larger crowd.

There are 101 reasons for you to embed these songs into your Myspace profile. The only question is how to choose the right songs. Choosing doesn't really matter. As long as you think that the song is appropriate for you and your audience, then it should go into your profile page. Try not to include songs that blare into the viewers' ears the very second your profile page loads up. This will just scare the visitors off and it will just hinder your efforts of getting as much profile viewership as possible.

Have a rollin' good time on Myspace!
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