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Recognizing Your Reseller Licence In E-books

Jun 3, 2008
There are hundreds of ways to make money on the Internet and everyday new ways to make money seem to pop up. One of the most popular and profitable ways to making money is selling informational e-books via affiliates. In this kind of marketing, others help in promoting your product by sending customers to you and you share a part of the profit with them when the sale is made. Looks like a win-win situation for all. The seller who owns the product makes more sales while the affiliate who directs traffic earns while not owning or stocking the product.

If you do not have product to sell how do you make money? The answer is to buy the rights to resell and then promote the product as your own either yourself or through your affiliates.

So how do you know that you have the resell rights to an e-book?

Step one- go through the first few pages of the e-book you will find a notice saying "You have Full Resell Rights to this E-book" if you do not see this notice then it means one of the following two possibilities.
1. The seller is selling it illegally.
2. The seller is genuine but the e-book does not have the notice.
Either way if you do not find the notice you cannot sell the book, it is not advisable.
If the notice authorizing you to resell is present then it is safe to assume that you have right to resell. But a word of caution - sometimes books having the resale rights notice are not saleable and can invite legal proceedings if resold. This can be due to a variety of factors like some other company maybe holding the rights to use the book in the printed or any other media. In such a situation it is best to remove the e-book from your list and send an apology to the holder of the copyright that you were unaware of the fact and it was unintentional.

What necessitated this is the fact that earlier authors wrote great stories and created popular characters that captured the imagination of the readers and the characters became brands by themselves Spiderman, superman, batman the list goes on. The publisher held all the rights to resell as was the standard practice then and when the boom in the electronic media happened the story began to be told in different formats like cartoons, films, TV series and computer games. The author really did not benefit from his creation but the publisher who held the resell rights did. These days the authors keep the rights to retell the story in different formats with themselves. Buying resell rights and start making money on the Internet sounds very simple but it has its problems. Many products specially those that offer home based business opportunity and other money making ideas have been around for too long, are not well written, and are outdated.
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