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Ask and You Shall Receive: Power Affiliates Provide Solutions

Jun 3, 2008
As an affiliate marketer, you have the ability to meet people's needs in an efficient manner. With proper ad copy writing, you get them to where they want to be fast: on your site purchasing what they want.

The way to get them there is to write keywords into your ads that match their search terms. This requires thoughtful effort on your part. Done successfully, you provide a solution to your need for increased traffic and buyers. You also provide a solution to their need for the specific product they're seeking.

In writing your web advertisements, you have to ask yourself this, "How would this person ask this question?" Once you figure out how they would, you can then add that question or its key word or phrase into your ad copy.

Everything begins with the person sitting in front of their PC ready to shop. You have to put yourself in their shoes to figure out how they would search for your product. If you were looking for old corporate advertising consider how you would go about searching for them. Would you punch in that phrase and others like: "advertising posters," "1960's advertising billboards" or just "old corporate commercials?" Would you focus your search with a particular phrase like "1960s soft-drink advertising?"

The important thing is to be as focused in your ad copy as your potential customers are in their searching. If you sell golf accessories as an affiliate, place ads that drive those kinds of customers to your site. Write targeted ads. An ad that trumpets sports accessories in general may bring tons of sports enthusiasts to your site. What happens if the majority of them of them are not looking for golf accessories? Nothing; they move on to a site that is specific to the sport they love. If you're paying for clicks, you've just wasted a lot of money because none of these visitors became buyers.
In the above case, you would need to write ad copy with the words "golf accessories" prominently placed. Include phrases particular to a golf enthusiast's search terms. Therefore, your ad might read along these lines, "women's golf accessories for spring," and "men's golf accessories 50% off."

A good idea is to write down a list of keywords about your product. Pick one product or product group and think of every keyword you can. Then break down the list into specifics. You could start with "golf accessories," then split that into "men's golf fashion accessories" and "women's golf fashion accessories." That can be further broken down into "women's golf shoes" and "men's golf shoes." Next, you might specify further: "women's leather golf shoes" and "men's leather golf shoes."

Now you figure out what product you want to target and write those exact keywords into your ads for that product. If it's a product group, adjust your copywriting accordingly. This way you drive highly targeted traffic to your website. You get people performing specific searches, now taken to the object of their specific search because of your ad writing. If the next Tiger Wood's is looking for NASA engineered golf balls from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and you sell them, write your ad with those words in it.

That's how web shoppers receive what they ask for. That's why you have to think as they do. Get inside their heads so they can get to your site and buy. When they ask and you provide, then you receive the increased sales you were looking for.
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