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All About Affiliate Junktion Marketing Opportunity

Jun 3, 2008
I joined affiliate junction three months ago. Based on whatever I have learned about it, I am sharing with you so it can help you consider joining or not. Here it goes.

First let us start with cons. (Demerits)

1) It does not provide uploaded website, well it provides a package which you need to load yourself, can take upto one hour to do so.

2) Though it claims to be free still you require paying roughly $85 towards domain hosting fee for the first year, out of which $75 is credited back to your account once your website is up.

3) It is difficult if not impossible to earn $150/day, if you are a newbie, I have not reached $150/day limit, and likely to reach in one month. If it happens I will surely like to update about it.

4) It requires your minimum 30 minutes to 1 hr per day. If you are absolute new may require more time initially.

Coming to the pros (Merits)

1) Affiliate manager has lot of patience to hear and he normally reverts to me in 24 hours, though they claim they need 48 hours, its really great for people like me who did not have much experience in affiliate marketing experience.

2) I heard there are lot of scams in this field, but Affiliate Junktion do pay us once it reaches threshold, so far I have been paid once timely, hope pot see payments coming same way.

3) They provide with some bonuses as well which is very good, I especially liked the Adword guide provide by them, it if you are new to this filed, if you are a professional probably you would be knowing all that stuff already. You also get some yahoo marketing credits well.

4) You will have a professionally looking Website ready in short time frame, which great, who do not require Development or designing skills.

If you are a newbie (Tips)

1) Be careful with Google AdWord and yahoo search Marketing initially, you may end up losing money. So keep a small budget and again analyze and retest it. Do a basic research. Which is fairly easy to do it requires lot of time initially later on you can do it faster.

2) Try to put yourself in a buyers shoes, you will have great clue how to market it effectively.

3) focus on activities; have a check list ready, it will help you keep going,

I have listed out merits and demerits along with some quick tips. Now its upto you to decide weather to join or not. Look at your schedule; see if you can devote sufficient time. It is definitely a learning experience though. Than it is upto you weather to give it a shot or not.
About the Author
Jitendra Singh Sendhav is an Internet Marketer. Go here to know more about the opportunity has been discussed above.
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