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4 Ways To Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs

Aug 17, 2007
Here is what I have found over the years when it comes to making money online. The less you ask someone to do the easier it is for them to do it. The more you ask them to do the less they will do it.

When it comes to making money on the internet with affiliate programs this is certainly true. So many of us make money with Google Adsense because it is easy for our visitor to click on an ad and it is easy for us to implement it into our webistes. But you can make alot of money online in other ways as well.

Let's look at 4 ways you can make money online with affiliate programs.

- Getting paid by the click is easy, but low paying. You can make that up in volume. I earn thousands every month from Google Adsense and PPC programs. All you are asking your visitor to do is click on an ad that is brought up on your page from pasting some short script provided by the ppc company.

- Getting paid by the lead. A short form with 2 questions might pay $2. Not very much, but if you get 10 of those a day you would make an extra $600 a month. The shorter the form the better. The longer the form the less likely your visitor will fill it out.

- Getting paid by the sale. This requires more of your visitor, but can pay the most depending on the sale price and commission percentage. Selling an eBook for $50 and making a 60% commission is worth $30 to you. Selling 20 of those a month would bring in an extra $600 this way. If you are filling a need and the affiliate sales page is compelling enough to create action you will sell products.

- Getting paid for a membership sale. This is great because you get paid over and over for doing the work once. Selling a program that earns you $10 on the sale every month could be worth $120 in a year. That could really add up over the years. Kind of like residual income an insurance salesman earns.

Lastly would be to capture a name and email address for future follow-up. Maybe you sell nothing on the first visit, but with consistent follow-up you develop a relationship that earns you a sale from one of the above methods. This is why it is better to send your visitors to your website and not directly to an affiliate sales page provided to you.

To summarize why not do a little of all 4 of these ways to make money online. Get paid by the click, get paid by the lead, get paid by the sale, and get paid over and over for selling membership products. Find some good affiliate programs and you can get started today.
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