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How To Use Royalty Free War Sound Effects Creatively

Jun 3, 2008
Do you like the war sounds from The Medal Of Honor? Well, if you are crazy over such war-related computer games, than you might be interested with what this article has got to offer you. There are now ways to download these war sound effects to turn your own room into an exciting war zone.

There are plenty of ways on how to make full use of free war sound effects. But before you even get started, you will definitely have to know how to get your very own free sound effects. You might have thoughts of using Kazaa or Limewire to illegally download these war sound effects, but my advice to you is "Don't. Firstly, this is because illegal downloading is wrong and you are just increasing the chances of yourself getting in trouble with the law with every download. Secondly, peer-2-peer (P2P) network sites, Kazaa and Limewire do not allow you to have a preview of the tracks and as such, you will have a hard time downloading the war sound effects that you want.

This calls for royalty free sound effects!

Royalty free sound effects are sound effects that can be downloaded and used over and over again without having the need to worry about the men in blue running after you. As the proud owner of the royalty free sound effects, you are entitled to tweak them and edit them to your heart's content.

But how to use royalty free war sound effects creatively such that people will be impressed by your work?

What you can do is to explore some of possible media whereby embedding music would not be too much of a hassle. Some of the more popular ideas would be on websites, blogs, videos, project, Myspace profiles and amazingly even on a computer desktop!

Before you start, learn to choose the appropriate kind of war effects. There are 101 websites available for you to choose from. So just search for "get war effects". Try to get a few of different kind of sound effects. Upon doing so, try your best to mix and match these sound effects together such that they sound exactly like a scene from the battlefield. The sound of oil tanks exploding, sounds of the mine bombs ticking, and the sound of a sergeant commanding his troops. Mix these sound effects around using music software.

Once you finalize your war 'soundtrack', you are ready to embed it into your websites, blogs and videos.

The more interesting part is to embed these war sound effects into your desktop themes. Make the computer 'explode' with every error message that pops up. Time to change those boring "ping" sounds to something more action-packed!

You can also use these sound effects for your cell phones. Since most of these sound effects are saved in the mp3 format, you will have no trouble at all transferring sound effects between mediums.

Use these war sound effects wisely and learn how to maximize their sound potential by discovering new ways in which you can use to make your projects such more meaningful, special and leaving your audience awe-stricken.
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Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at http://downloadroyaltyfreemusic.net. Be sure to download free sound effects
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