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The 5 Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing

Jun 3, 2008
In order to run a successful online business, one has to pay meticulous attention to a number of things, including the internet marketing's big picture and the small details. However, there are 5 very dangerous pitfalls that you must avoid if you want to succeed as an online entrepreneur or as we like to call them netpreneurs.

Forgetting Your Roots

Remember, you have learned a lot by running your previous businesses. These lessons are valuable and can guide you on your path to online success. It is very important that you learn from your past mistakes and you apply your knowledge to your new online business. You know yourself, so you know what you do well and what you don't. It is very important to know yourself when you are running a business. Don't start from scratch just because you're doing business online. You can apply what you learned in the offline world to what you're doing in the online world. Stick to the business basic and improve them with new online techniques

An Internet Marketing Pariah

You need to completely design a marketing plan before you start your business. You need to where and how you will gain customers. This is crucial because this is how you will make money. Some entrepreneurs forget to design a marketing plan before they go into business. This will always doom any business. You need to make sure you have a rock solid Internet marketing plan before you open your business. You can hire an internet marketing company or online consultant to put a strategy together for your business. It will be a lot cheaper to do some preliminary preparation then it is to find yourself and your new venture in a real quagmire.

Not Finding Your Customer Base

It is highly important that you customize your business for a specific customer base. There are so many websites out there that you will be lost if you do not specialize for a specific market. This is extremely important, as you can increase your Internet marketing power simply by specializing your work/ product. Understanding your customer is key to your success and to keep your customer satisfaction high. One way is to study your competition and see how they court their customers, target their audience and find ways to improve on them. Some offer toll free numbers some offer online live help...etc.

Ignoring the Numbers

You need to make sure that you keep meticulous records of your visitors, your web page rank, your web traffic, and your conversion rate. If you ignore your statistics, you won't have a leg to stand up. This is important because it lets you know what works and what doesn't. If you introduce a new idea, always make sure to note how it affects web traffic and conversion rate. You need to pay attention to these details to ensure you have a strong Internet marketing campaign. One way to do so is to install a tracking script like analytics or hitlens.
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Moe Tamani is a consultant with Dallas Internet Marketing Company specializing in SEO Services.
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