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Earning Your Internet Marketing Stripes

Jun 3, 2008
It is common knowledge that blogging is an amazing Internet marketing strategy that works really well. It is a great way of increasing your web visibility and jump-starting the amount of traffic that you can generate.

However, it's getting harder and harder to create a blog that will enjoy a whole bunch of visitors. Internet marketing experts state that every day, 30,000 new blogs spring up. The majority of blogs fall on their faces. Only a small number rise to the top. So what gives? Why are some blogs so successful, whereas others simply can't get the visitors that they need?


One of the keys to successful Internet marketing is specializing. By finding a specific market and writing about that specifically, you can gain significant exposure. You can test this idea by writing a blog about a very specific idea. Focus on a few keywords, and then track your records. You will find that the more you specialize, the higher you will rank on search engines. This is well known in the Internet marketing world.

The statistics say it all. Focus on one keyword only and work to gain visitors from simply that keyword. It's good to test the KEI of that keyword to ensure that you're doing good Internet marketing. The KEI is an algorithm that calculates the probable success rate of any keyword by performing a mathematical algorithm that compares the amount of competition for any keyword with the likelihood that someone will search for it.

This is really difficult, but it's really important if you want your blog to be successful.

Make Executive Decisions

You need to make decisions about Internet marketing before you start your online business. Mnay people often build up a huge business and then worry about where they are going to get their customers. You need to figure out where your customers are coming from before you launch your business.

You have to decide what market you want to specialize in, and then determine how you will attract visitors to your site. Sometimes you'll come up with a great specific market, but you won't be able to draw a lot of traffic. If this is the case, forget about this specialization. Move onto a different keyword to improve your Internet marketing plan.

There are some keywords which might yield high dividends but don't draw in a lot of web traffic.

The Gold Standard

Article marketing is the best way to jumpstart your Internet marketing campaign. If you write organic, strong articles about your specific market, you can draw a big audience to your site. Also, you can track the responses to your articles to determine if you're achieving success by writing these articles. It is a great idea to write well-written articles that provide useful information to your readers. This is a great boon to Internet marketing campaigns. Remember, people like to read strong material. If you focus on educating them, they will appreciate it and they will most likely click on links that will direct them to your web site.

Track Your Visitors

You need to meticulously track your visitors so that you can determine what is working and what isn't regarding your online business. This is so important because you can find out what ideas are working and what aren't. This is a very important part of Internet marketing. You will enjoy great advantages if you pay attention to your web visitors and your statistics. You can buy or download many different programs that can help you keep track of your stats.
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Moe Tamani is a consultant for Dallas Internet Marketing company specializing in Natural Search Engine optimization.
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