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Finding the Right Janitorial Service

Jun 3, 2008
If one of your pending tasks is hiring a janitorial service, you will need a quick lesson on making the right choice. There is a huge diversity of cleaning services. Some do residential. Some do commercial. Some do industrial, and some do specialty jobs like medical offices and restaurants. One of the other factors is that some are small services with a few accounts and others are large services with hundreds of accounts. It is not as easy as picking up the Yellow pages and selecting an attractive ad.

Frankly, there are good and bad janitorial services in big and small firms. Larger firms must maintain a large pool of business replacing one they lose with another account. To accomplish this, they often have sales people or account managers. In some cases, you cleaning concerns seem less valuable to a company mostly interested in account acquisition. The smaller firm can deliver a quality of service like the larger firms, but is more vulnerable to economic issues. In the business, there is always new companies starting and other companies closing their doors. Therefore, one of the considerations is the kind of commitment the service gives to your building.

There is no perfect company. Large or small, you are going to encounter some cleaning services that do not have the right attitude about customer care, and it will show up not long after the contract has been signed. They know that you do not want to go back to the beginning to hire another firm or the hassle of firing them. Therefore, you are going to see the low bids are more often firms who must cut costs internally to turn a profit from these low bids. While it is an industry standard, hiring based on low bid is probably the best way to insure that you will have trouble from your cleaning service. I wonder if the lowest and highest bid should be kicked out before you start your consideration.

Small companies are hungry for business and often anxious to prove that they are as good as the large companies. Frankly, they may not have the resources of manpower, equipment, or training as the larger janitorial firms, but you cannot beat the value of someone who will give you their best efforts to clean your office or building. While price will always be a factor, the most valuable element of any janitorial service is the quality of job they do after they get the contract.

The classic way of choosing a janitorial service is to prepare an RFP (Request for Proposal) or collect a variety of quotes for the job. The RFP is a prepared report that details the job, expectations, and requirements so that everyone is bidding on a equal footing. Quotes generally ask the service to do the job using standard processes. Both methods collect final pricing to determine who will be considered for the contract. Unfortunately, this reduces the task to the "low bid" mentality that frankly sends the wrong signal to the competing firms. Most people aren't looking for cut-rate service, but the best service for the money.

It's time to change the process. Although price will always be a part of the consideration, it is important that you discover the quality and reliability of the cleaning service that you hire. To help you understand this better, I have prepared a ten page report called "How to Hire a Janitorial Service." It includes a sample RFP and offers some needful advice on a subject that few people really understand. You'll find this report at www.GreenJanitor.net.

The lagging question that is becoming a more important issue is that your janitorial service should be providing a bona fide Green program for your office. More and more cities and states are pressing for companies to "Go Green." Here's a clue. It starts with a Green janitorial service. My report at www.greenjanitor.net will explain how to get your building GCI Green Building certified as well. If you really want to find a good janitorial service, do your homework first, and you will eliminate a lot of headaches later.
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Do you need to Find a janitorial? Don't make the awful mistakes that give you anxiety and money. Get my free report on how to hire a cleaning service at www.GreenJanitor.net. Get a better cleaning service, save money, and make your office a better place to work.
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