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Orkut - Sounds Like A Name From Star Trek - Far Out!

Jun 3, 2008
Orkut is a social networking website that offers its users a variety of interests to enjoy and explore. With Orkut's many communities relating to romantic connections, hobbies, business contacts to special interests. Orkut was launched in January 2004, named after Orkut Buyukkokten a Google employee and probably not a Star Trek fan. The Website is currently owned by Google Inc.

Orkut requires a large amount of identity information to be a user. It is a perfect scenario to acquire plenty of networking affiliates and ultimately more website traffic. Orkut is very strict in their standards. This is encouraging because it gives the appearance of safety and provides a stage to exchange information with other users that have been screened and approved.

Orkut has over 43.46 million members to date and is one of the most popular websites being frequented for networking with others with similar common interests. To join and begin to use the many features available to the users of Orkut, you must join and create a profile, register a username and password and you are ready to begin mingling.

Just a little over 4 years in operation and now is the time that Orkut is experiencing the joy of international exposure. The largest amount of Orkut users, hail from Brazil with United States second. The popularity is growing so exceedingly fast at Orkut that many users are able to find lost love, relatives or friends on this exciting website.

Many of the other benefits of being a user of Orkut is that other users of Orkut have to provide Professional and Personal details this is a wonderful feature to any creative entrepreneur. There is another impressive feature is to have the ability to Scrap another user. Shortly after instant messaging was capable at Orkut

As an approved and allowed valid user, you can comment and respond to current communities. As well a webmaster is allowed the creativity to begin a whole new community for the leaders in a group. Orkut really makes it simple, easy and convenient to keep current with friends and family on your friend's list. Also the website gives you friendly updates to business contacts in alteration to their websites and any other adjustments. Your friend list will always receive updates of any alterations or deviations you should ever make to your website.

For all you Trekkies out there, If you stick to the rules, laws and guidelines provided by Orkut, your Orkut profile can prove to be a resourceful and useful internet marketing tool for any type of business that is hungry for free website traffic and internet presence. Beam me up Scottie!
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