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Get Thousands of Free Hits with YouTube

Jun 3, 2008
Many people mistakenly believe that once a website goes live traffic will automatically come. Unfortunately, this is wishful thinking. If nothing is done to bring traffic to a website, chances are it will never get seen, despite it now being a part of the Web. Yet, webmasters don't have to fret, because with YouTube not only can they get thousands of free hits, but they can also have fun in the process.

So, what exactly is YouTube and how can you get traffic from it? YouTube is a website that allows members to share videos they have created. The content of these videos can be on virtually anything that is not violent or pornographic. In fact, even advertising is allowed, which is where the site's traffic-building possibilities come into play.

Yet, you don't want to make a blatant advertisement, since these types of videos are less likely to get views. Instead, you want to create a video giving information on a topic related to what you're selling. Then, at the end of the video, you can advertise your website. Make sure when you get to this point you use a URL that is short and memorable, since members won't have an opportunity to cut and paste your domain name into their browser. This means affiliate links and subdomains are out of the question. Of course, if all you have is an affiliate link or a subdomain, consider redirecting it to a more marketable domain name.

As far as creating the video, you can use Sony's Vegas Movie Studio. This program is not very expensive and works with most computers. To use it, you basically upload images or videos and manipulate them.

If you have no video, you can create one with images and a microphone. You can get the images from royalty-free photo sites, Microsoft Power Point, or you can take pictures yourself if you have the time and photography skills. Either way, as you are acquiring them, think ahead of time about how they're going to be presented in your video. You will want them to relate to what you're saying. For the best organization, consider writing a script before you find the images. That way you'll know what you need to look for ahead of time.

After you have uploaded your images into the program, read your script into your microphone. If you want you can even incorporate music into your program, though like your images, you will have to make sure they are royalty-free.

When you are finished with your video, you can upload it into your YouTube member account. From there, YouTube will take care of everything. If your video is interesting, people will watch it. Some may even incorporate it into their own websites, making your video even more visible.

To get more help in determining the flow of your content, look at other videos on YouTube. The most popular ones tend to be humorous, though there are others that get a lot of hits because they evoke a variety of emotions.
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