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Why Insurance Can Make Your Business Stable

Jun 3, 2008
Insurance may be getting more expensive but the main issue to watch would be oil. Oil has been threatened and predicted to go up to as much as $200.00 a barrel which would of course leave tons of us without fuel or businesses. Have business but no fuel situations can be the worse for that high an increase in fuel prices would be devastating to most industries that rely heavily on transportation. Oil is one of the commodities this world cannot live without and from oil comes and goes economies of countries who do have them in their soil. Be sure to keep tabs on fuel prices or you might not have a business to insure or a company to insure you due to excessive prices of gas and other oil-based products.

The drop was expected for the introduction of new packages and products to replace the ones they previously had to alleviate the problems have still to turn into profit. Their lower than expected profit comes as no surprise for many US firms are doing the same as the economy worsens. Oil prices that are soaring through the roof doesn't help at all and it further taxes on already burdened and struggling industries. The economic outlook for the US is bleak yet they are still there. The Federal government has to come up with measures that would prevent this from happening again and a way to help the millions of Americans who are now experiencing difficulty due to lack of food, housing and other basic necessities.

In the UK at least, firms like the Stuart Title Guaranty Company have offered coverage for insurance fraud in the area of mortgages. Fraud in that area of mortgages is a true risk and loss for lenders for they stand to loose a lot from fraudulent transactions. Altered deeds are one of the most problematic for lenders and unlike in the US where the bubble burst well before anyone can take action or measures to control them, the UK businesses have managed to keep one step ahead of these criminals. Insurance for mortgages would have stricter qualifications and investigations thus preventing fraud from taking lenders by surprise. Underwriters were to blame in the US for the failure of the industry due to too many loans to too many people who didn't have enough money to pay off their mortgages. Even with foreclosures, the lenders are left with properties that are not in viable form (the viable form being in liquid capital or cash) that they can directly introduce into their cash flow leading to the many bankruptcies.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, they have decided to axe the 15% tax the government levied on insurance providers that comes as a welcome relief to businesses and insurance firms alike. The move was praised and allows businesses to pay lower premiums for their businesses to get the insurance they need and at the same time allow insurance firms to earn a bit more with their trimmed down insurance packages. The tax reduction or elimination would be retroactive beginning Jan 1 this year meaning discounts and rebates would surely be a possibility. This is welcome news to all businesses and owners for they can breathe a sigh of relief with less money out of their pockets and ample protection for their businesses.
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