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3 Computer Work At Home Opportunities For You

Jun 3, 2008
Almost anyone can take up a home business opportunity today as long as they own a computer or telephone, including YOU! What is key to earning those big bucks is a willingness to commit time and effort to the job taken. By searching the World Wide Web, you will see millions of jobs available that can give you the flexibility you want and the pleasure of working in the comfort of your own home. Spoilt with many choices, you could definitely do with some help getting started by being aware of the top 3 computer work at home opportunities for you.

The 3 most popular home based businesses are discussed below:

Data Entry

Being a data entry clerk simply requires you to own a computer and know how to type well. Since companies worldwide need to handle large volumes of information daily, data needs to be entered into the computer to help them keep up with the rapid changes taking place. You will be required to manage data by keying them into a computer system so that the company employing your services will be able to process that information for their use. This job is ideal for you if you are uncomfortable with conversing with people over the phone or have little expertise in other areas that you are comfortable with. Also, you can easily get more practice to improve your typing speed and accuracy if you practice on your keyboard regularly.

Freelance Writing

This is the job for you if you have a flair for writing and enjoy sharing your thoughts and ideas with others. There is a wide range of jobs available under this category, such as editing and proof-reading articles written by others as well as coming up with fresh content for a newsletter or story page. All you need is a sharp and creative mind that will allow you to create good articles for your clients. As you become better at your job and establish a good portfolio, you will be able to impress your clients by showcasing past works and be on your way to earning better pay and get recommendations for your next business opportunity.


As technology advances, more and more businesses have increased their reliance on computers and the programs they have that make work efficient. There is a huge demand for programmers and you can be a stay home programmer if you have the relevant programming skills for this job. If you do not, you might want to take up a course that will give you the necessary experience in this field. Be prepared that this involves having you invest a lot of time and effort once you begin each job. But of course, the rewards will be as good.

The above discussed jobs are just some of the popular ones available online, if you only wish to work with computers. Also, remember to check the legitimacy of each job to ensure that there are no hidden details that you may have missed as they could put you in trouble. Job opportunities out there are aplenty, and it is up to you to find the right one for yourself.
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