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How To Overcome Your Network Marketing Prospect's Skepticism

Jun 3, 2008
There are many ways, both subtle and direct, to overcome your network marketing prospect's skepticism and convince them about the authenticity of your offer. But in the end, however, what will completely eliminate their doubts is if your offer's truly good as you say it is. If it is then in time, your product should speak for itself.

Display Testimonials Prominently

Always get testimonials from satisfied customers and make sure you obtain permission for them to put their words to print. Afterwards, include or display them in your presentations, pamphlets, websites, and other marketing tools and paraphernalia. Your prospects are more able to connect with the people behind those testimonials since these people are customers like them.

Furthermore, it wouldn't hurt to know the life stories of your satisfied customers. Get to know them and learn how your products - or network marketing - had made a difference in their lives. Share these with your prospects during your next presentation.

Attract But Don't Chase

Let them come to you. At first, the urge to go after prospects is almost irresistible but if you want to succeed in network marketing, you have to deny that urge and continue working on attracting them and making them come to you instead.

By making prospects take the first step, you've already won almost half the battle because it shows how you've already managed to catch their interest. Now, the only thing left to do is turning interest into a decision to avail of your network marketing offer.

But what happens if you end up chasing after prospects, you ask. That's simple. When you chase after prospects, you end up making them more skeptical. Their doubts about your offer increase because they'll mostly misunderstand your reasons for chasing after them. Some of them will think that you're chasing after them because you're desperate to make a sell. They'll think of your offer as something inauthentic and designed to con them out of their money.

So again, attract prospects rather than chase after them!

Don't Beg

Now, let's say you've managed to snare their interest and they've shown willingness to hear more about your offer. That's good, but you're not totally in the clear just yet. You need to convince them further, and one thing you shouldn't ever do is beg. If you see their interest is waning, the urge to beg will again be virtually irresistible. But as always, it's an urge that you must deny.

There are two possible reasons for a prospect to lose interest in what you're saying. First, it could mean that your presentation lacks something - maybe the X-Factor that they were hoping to see but didn't. Review your presentation objectively. Is this reason likely to be the cause of your prospects' disinterest?

Secondly, it could be that the prospect has come to the conclusion that he doesn't need your offer for now. Either way, begging won't do you good because it's not your offer that's the source of the problem. If you beg, you'll only make them more skeptical.

Don't Pressure

That's a big no-no, and one that's guaranteed to make your prospects' skepticism level to shoot up. You can repeat your invitations - courteously and with proper intervals - to attend future presentations. You can make follow-up calls - at appropriate times - but you must never, ever pressure them because you don't have the right to do that and more importantly, you shouldn't have any reason to do so!

Consider these the next time you speak with a prospect and you just might make him more receptive to your offer.

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