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How To Use Youtube To Grow Your Online Business

Jun 3, 2008
YouTube is a veritable addiction for many. With thousands of videos spanning all genres free for you to watch, it's a wonder people are able to leave its website. Nevertheless, the popularity currently enjoyed by YouTube - and which is most likely to continue for quite some time - can be effectively used to help your online business grow.

Create a Video

Videos should only be a few minutes long. Anything over than five minutes could take too long a time to download for users without broadband connection; it may also be too long for busy and impatient viewers.

Your video must be directly related to your online business without being a blatant advertisement. It could be informative or entertaining, just as long as it's interesting and fun for your viewers.

Create A YouTube Channel

It's not enough to have a standard account in YouTube. If you want your videos to be noticed instantly, you need to create your own channel. In truth, the website gives its members their own channel automatically, but only a few make use of its inherent benefits.

Having your own YouTube channel allows you to create your profile page, link back to your online business, and of course, arrange and modify your content according to your preferences. Your channel has other customizable features so make sure you check those as well.

Create Playlists

Playlists in YouTube work the same way playlists do in other multimedia players. You can select your own videos or other people's videos to make up your playlist. Playlists containing videos discussing the same topic make it easier for users to view related content. If you include your videos, you increase the chances of people learning more about your website. Ultimately, creating playlists benefit your viewers by helping them conclude their search queries more efficiently. If your videos are included in the search results, so much the better.

To make your playlists more view-worthy, try looking for other videos that have excellent potential but haven't yet achieved much exposure.

Connect With The YouTube Community

YouTube may be a video-sharing website to many, but it is also ultimately a social networking website as well. It allows you to add friends and send messages to other members. Don't hesitate to take advantage of its various communication features to spread the word about your videos. Send emails and write posts in the bulletin board.

You should also consider leaving comments on other videos. If you say something interesting or appreciative, most users would return the favor and visit your page as well. If they like what they see, they could add your videos to their playlists as well.

Last but not the least, consider creating video responses. This usually means having to make an altogether new video - one that appropriately responds to the original video - but the hard work's worth the active interest such responses usually generate.

When making a video response, make sure that it's pertinent to the original topic. Be courteous at all times and avoid using potentially undesirable content or one that could give you enemies. Choose your target video carefully: you'd want something that's already popular with YouTube viewers. Make sure your response is unique from other people's responses and lastly, be sure to post your response with perfect timing. Aim to be the first or post when the greatest number of people from your target market are most likely logged in to the website.

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