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How To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website

Jun 3, 2008
Learning how to get repeat visitors to your website should be the next thing you focused on once you've built yourself a solid readership base. With repeat visitors, your chances of making a success increase.

Your homepage should let people know immediately what your website is about.

Time is a precious commodity, and online users appreciate websites more when they don't waste their time with too much useless information. Your homepage should have at least one to two short paragraphs displayed explaining what benefits people can get from browsing through your website.

Your website is easy to get around in.

Think of it like this. Would you rather visit a place without road signs and maze-like layouts or one where it's easy to navigate yourself in? Naturally, you'd go for the latter, won't you? To ensure repeat visits from your website users, you should make sure that each page of your website is strategically named and every link in your website is working.

It's also better to have a site map and directory as well as a table of contents uploaded on your website. These navigation tools will come especially handy when your customers don't know exactly what page you're looking for. Consider also offering a local search engine for your website.

Think strategy when choosing font effects.

Light-colored text should be used with dark backgrounds and vice versa. Avoid using extremely small or large fonts. The best font sizes are those that would allow you to write all your information on your page without having your readers scroll the window down several times.

Use underlining, italics and bold styles, as well as uppercase letters only when appropriate. Using them liberally will reduce the impact they'll have on your text. Change font colors only when you want to draw attention to specific words or when you wish to use it as a way of categorizing content.

Update content regularly.

You know how to create valuable content, and you know how important it is to have valuable content to get visitors to check out your website. But your job doesn't stop there. You should also work on regularly updating your content to make your visitors return.

The value of a certain article is immediately reduced once it's been read and digested. Visitors who have already it certainly won't come back to read it again and that's why you need to give them something of new value on their next visit.

Leave them hanging.

Try cutting your content into several parts. If you've made a comprehensive article focusing on the ten best tips of winning poker, consider sharing the first two today and inviting them to come back tomorrow for the next two.

Let them know what to expect.

At the end of your current website or blog post, make sure that you inform your readers about what they can look forward to reading if they come back tomorrow.

Give something for free.

Naturally, people will be more inclined to return to your website when they can expect to get something in return. That's why Internet marketers are diligent in holding contests and giving away free prizes. You can hold contests, offer free subscriptions to tutorials and newsletters, and send out free ebooks. Rarely will any person be able to refuse something offered for free and especially when they need it so.

Now that you know how to get repeat visitors for your website, the only thing's left to do is find advertisers for your website and your website income is ready to roll in.

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