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The Importance Of Knowing The 7 Ways Of Empowering Your Audience

Jun 3, 2008
In every gathering, guest speakers are frequently invited to highlight the event. Just like a guest speaker, an online seller needs to draw attention to his/her prospective customers. Your words are meant to give customers encouragement into buying what you sell. Dealing with individuals whom you know little of is not really an easy task.

You'll realize that there's more to it than merely conveying your thoughts to the audience. Aside from that, even if the words you have written are doing most of the work, your brain must also work twice to be able churn out information the audience could understand perfectly. In addition, selling is not all about you as a speaker; it's also about the audience whom you are "speaking" with.

One of the most important things to create a successful written communication is to empower your audience. Here are seven important ways on how to empower the people reading your words:

1. Convey what you know. An effective speaker should be able to convey his thoughts well to the audience. Share what you have learned in the past in a way that could easily be understood and related by your customers.

2. Listen to your own voice. It's as important as asking questions. There are times that listening to the sound of your voice can teach you to become positive and say the things you believe in with confidence. When you are in an ordinary exchange of words, listening is usually what makes the conversation a success, particularly in business situations. When somebody is also talking, never interrupt until he/she is done. That way, the person would feel that you have given his/her idea some thought.

3. Be Humble. Making mistakes is sometimes unavoidable. In a written document, sometimes, we use words differently conveyed by the people thus creating a misunderstanding. Never be afraid to ask them if they were able to understand what you were trying to put into words.

4. Add color to your words. Getting the attention of customers can be difficult at times. You have to learn when to use the right words and how to structure them. Make your customers feel entertained when you're introducing your products and services. Don't write words that would somehow suggest that you don't care about them. Be friendly and approachable. Make them feel at ease through the use of simple but powerful words.

5. Be like the rest of your audience. Communication is all about intermingling between two parties. Listen carefully to the audience's suggestions, questions and reactions about what you tell them. In fact, you get a lot of ideas from these people if you show them that you are nothing different from them.

6. Become a role model. Everyone needs a mentor. Because you are the one who's been offering your products and services, you should guide your customers in choosing what's best for them. Let them know that you are very willing to help and provide them with the necessary information about things related to your business.

7. Be prepared. It's unavoidable that your audience makes inquiries about the products and services you offer. Again empower them by providing them with everything you know just to clear their confusion. It's important to let them realize that you are there to serve them and not the other way around.

As entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to under estimate our abilities and over estimate the magnitude of the perceived obstacles that stand between us and the desires we have for our audience. Do not let empowerment be one of those obstacles.

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