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Three Things Affiliates Need to Succeed

Jun 3, 2008
Affiliate marketing isn't rocket science... it's just solid marketing practices combined with a little sweat and dedication. There is no magic bullet or super secret formula for becoming a super affiliate.

Having said that, there are some really great affiliate marketing strategies and tactics that will increase your sales and your revenue no matter what kind of affiliate product you're promoting. Take a look at these top three things that affiliates need to succeed online:

1. Use unique web pages to promote each product you are marketing.

You can't just lump all of your affiliate promotions into one centralized webpage... although some people try it. It just doesn't work. Each product you're promoting need to have it's own separate webpage. It may even need it's own website, depending on your affiliate marketing campaign.

In addition, affiliate marketing is much more effective if your website caters to just one particular niche-type topic, then you can promote and cross-promote several different affiliate products within your niche website.

The real point here is that you shouldn't try to be everything to everyone... focus on just one thing.

2. Offer free reports to your readers.

Free reports, ecourses, ebooks, etc. are a great way to promote affiliate products because they give you the opportunity to give your website visitors a lot of information about the products that you promote.

The point of free reports to promote affiliate products is to set up a repeating contact system that will eventually make a sale for you. According to research, prospects have to see something five to seven times before they will purchase it. Autoresponder series, e-courses, and free reports give affiliates the chance to make contact with prospects five to seven times and close the sale.

That doesn't mean that you should send your subscribers a bunch of sales materials... you've got to send them highly valuable information that's related to the products your promoting. When you've given them something of value and also recommended a great product to go along with your valuable information it's a killer affiliate marketing strategy.

3. Get highly targeted website visitors to see your affiliate product.

Highly targeted visitors are the ones that are most likely to be interested in your affiliate product... and the most likely to actually buy it too... so it makes sense that you want only highly targeted traffic to see your affiliate products.

There are lots of ways to gain highly targeted traffic to your website, but the most important thing to focus on is keywords. Keywords are how those targeted visitors will find you, your content, and your affiliate products. So all you have to do is find the best keywords that work with your affiliate product and write content, articles for submission, ezines, reports, etc. around those keywords.

You can even create pay per click campaigns around those keywords and drive a ton of targeted traffic to your affiliate product.

Pretty simple, huh? See... I told you affiliate marketing isn't rocket science! If you want to be successful at promoting affiliate products, you've got to use rock solid marketing practices and put a little work into it!
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