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Vonage Broadband : An Honest Review on Vonage Broadband

Jun 3, 2008
With more players jumping into the already populated space of Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP), the perceptive user has that much more choice. Vonage is a leading player in this marketplace with over a million subscribers worldwide in a short lifespan of three years. However, there is a set of negatives too, so wait until you reach the end of this review before you decide to switch from your traditional landline service to Vonage telephony.

Vonage is now a major player in the VoIP Solution marketplace with over a million subscribers worldwide. Their customer service provides you with an easy to set-up and easy to use system right out of the box when you call to subscribe for a connection. Vonage will send you a ATA (Analog telephone adapter) that plugs into your telephone line and your cable modem or DSL.

Vonage is considered the best service provider of commercial and residential VoIP solutions, plus offers feature-rich services combined with preferred customer assistance. Vonage, for instance will not charge for technical support, some smaller companies do.

The Vonage Website lists the charges applicable to each city on its network. Perhaps the best part of Vonage is that you can carry your US telephone number to any part of the world with broadband connectivity, and call the US at local call rates. For any reason, if you are dissatisfied with Vonage services, you can opt for the 14-day (or 30-day for some packages) money-back offer. However, Vonage is not all positives. Its founding premise is a bit wobbly; your connection is afloat only as long as your broadband connection is. Any Internet outage and Vonage will cease to function. Call quality is also dependent on the speed of your broadband. Then there is the question of availability of a local number for your city; Vonage may not have your city listed, so you should confirm this with Vonage customer support before deciding on the service. Vonage is facing stern competition from AT&T and Verizon, and users have preferred the call quality of AT&T to that of Vonage. Vonage is also not the cheapest VoIP service around in the marketplace.

However, Vonage is a winner on features. If you have a dependable broadband connection, need to make frequent international calls, and travel to world destinations but need to stay in touch with the US, Vonage is for you.
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