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The Benefits of Blog Marketing for a Small Company

Jun 3, 2008
When most people think of a blog, they think of a simple online journal a person uses to relate their expertise on subject or simply to sound off about life. However, a blog can be so much more than that, a blog can be used quite effectively as an Internet marketing tool. Using a blog for marketing purposes can be an extremely cost effective, expedient way to reach your target audience and generate more traffic for your website. Blogging is an excellent way for small businesses to gain exposure when they are working with a limited advertising budget.

Company blogs can be used to talk about products and services that they provide in a direct and personal way. Blogs can be updated often so it gives companies on a limited budget the availability to keep consumers updated about new products and services without spending tons of money on an advertising campaign.

When you blog about your company frequently and discuss industry related issues it gives consumers the impression that you are an expert in your field. This helps increase your credibility and enhances consumer confidence in you and your company. When you write your company blog for marketing purposes, you need to share tips and provide unique information that users can't find elsewhere. Doing this will help to increase your reader base and eventually your profit margin.

Blogs are also interactive, so establishing a company blog can help you gain better insight into the mind of your target audience. You can request that they give feedback on products and services and engage with them in related conversation. This serves to improve your company in the long-term, because you have a direct line to the people whose opinion's matter the most.

Successful blogs often implement other forms of Internet marketing to increase their traffic. Often blogs use SEO content to increase their traffic and visibility. Using properly placed keywords throughout your blog posts will help your blog be more recognizable to search engines. Additionally, posting in your blog regularly can help increase your search engine ranking.

Although a blog does not have to be perfect, generally it is best if it is well written. Many people do not like writing and have no time to post regularly on their blog. There are companies and freelance writers who will help maintain your blog for you. Using a professional writer to compose your blog posts for you has many benefits. Naturally, it ensures that you are getting quality content, but it also ensures that you have content for your blog daily.

Starting a blog is fairly easy even for a novice Internet user. Many websites have developed programs that walk you through the set up and launch of your blog. They also have programs that make blog maintenance a breeze. Starting a company blog is inexpensive, easy and pretty much risk free. If you want to make it more professional over time you can, but there is nothing wrong with starting out with a basic fun, friendly and casual blog to market your business.
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