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Top Ten Ways To Avoid Internet Marketing Failure

Jun 3, 2008
Internet marketing seems so simple in so many respects, but if it is so simple than why do so many people fail? When employed successfully Internet marketing techniques can be extremely effective, but without the proper know how they can be fruitless. There are a number of reasons that certain companies fail at successfully implementing an Internet marketing campaign. Knowing these reasons before you devise your Internet marketing strategy can be the difference between success and failure.

10. It is essential that when you affiliate yourself with people online you make sure they are on the up and up. Partnering yourself with someone who spams or violates other rules and regulations of the Internet can get you into a lot of trouble and also reflect negatively on your business.

9. Making the transactions with potential customers difficult is another reason many companies fail at Internet marketing. Sign-up for your website should be simple and quick, consumers do not want to have to provide an abundance of information to complete a transaction. Additionally, if a process seems too lengthy many consumers won't complete it.

8. It is absolutely essential for any company that wishes to successfully market itself online to obtain e-mail addresses. Gaining a list of e-mails that you have permission to use gives you an invaluable resource for marketing to your target audience.

7. Never spam for any reason. Though it may be tempting to get your name out there quickly, spamming can get you banned from certain Internet service providers and that can hinder your ability to use e-mail as a legitimate marketing tactic in the future.

6. Always use viral marketing when it is possible. Not using viral marketing is like throwing free advertising dollars in the garbage. Viral marketing is no different from the various methods offline companies use to create buzz or advertise through word of mouth. When your customers are passing around your promotional material for you, it is free advertising and it is effective.

5. Instant gratification is a big desire among Internet users, so you should never make your customers wait. Make sure your website is fast, reliable and user-friendly. If you get traffic to your site, but people leave because they get frustrated waiting for your web page to load, getting the traffic there in the first place was pointless.

4. Marketing offline is just as important as marketing online. Even if you are creating a web based business, it is important for you to reach people that don't use the Internet regularly. Many companies fail to understand this concept, but even if you market offline with simple non-aggressive methods it is better than ignoring an entire demographic.

3. One of the biggest mistakes companies make when designing a website is not ensuring its compatibility with all users. Not everyone is technically savvy or running all the latest software. Your site should use flash, text and HTML so that anyone can use it.

2. Search engines are a huge part of the Internet and it is absolutely essential to be listed with multiple search engine sites. Manually go to each search engine site and submit your URL to ensure that you are listed with them. Additionally, use SEO tactics on your website to climb the search ladder.

1. The most essential thing that any company can do to succeed at Internet marketing is to actively participate in their campaigns. Keep campaigns current, relevant to your business and make sure you are maximizing each campaigns potential. Then, sit back relax and have the patience that it takes to reap the benefits of a well-implemented Internet marketing campaign.
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