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Where There Is No Job Security, How To Have Another Income?

Jackie Khor
Jun 3, 2008
To stay employed one needs to keep one's skills honed and polished and this is a never-ending task. According to the latest statistics, only 5% of people will be financially independent by age 65. The majority of these people are Business Owners, CEO's and Directors of their own companies. The key is to own your business and becoming your own boss. A home business takes little capital to start and you can begin working on it part-time. Internationally, the number of home-based businesses has increased tremendously. Where do all these people come from? Some have entered the home-based business as a result of corporate restructuring, while others who have simply decided to take control of their lives and to work from home as an alternative to the rat race.

The Reality About Health:

Disease is on the rise as a result of our modern lifestyles. Everyone is at risk. Historically affluent people - particularly the health conscious people have better health than those who are not well-off. Not having enough money can reduce your lifespan by several years. Most people spend their entire lives working under some degree of stress and studies prove that this increases the risk of disease.

The Reality About The Options For Financial Freedom:

Actually, the options are very limited. You can however;

Work overtime but how long can you last?,

Get a second job,

Climb the corporate ladder,

Operate a traditional business,

Operate a Franchise,

Operate a Professional Services business, or

Join a good network marketing company.

The Reality About Success:

There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme or rewards without effort. Building a stable residual income stream takes time, consistence, persistence and patience to enjoy the time and financial freedom. If what you are currently doing is not going to give you the lifestyle you desire, then you have to do something different. People who continually play safe and seldom make progress are the ones likely to miss opportunities. Those who achieve much in life take charge to live life by design rather than by default.

You must be willing to do what it takes. You must be willing to make some short-term sacrifice so that you can have more of it later. Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, says, "A key difference between the rich and the poor is what they do in their spare time".

You get rewarded by the value you give. The best way to get rich is to solve other people's problems. Any venture you engage in must provide value, otherwise it will not last.

Leveraging is the way to financial independence and time freedom. Most rich people use the power of compounding/leveraging to earn residual income.

You can work hard or work smart. It is better to work smart. Use the power of compounding/leveraging and work with a team of people who can help you to build your business. They will provide you with training, strategies, techniques and support.

Timing is everything and trend is your friend. The Health and Wellness industry is set to have explosive growth. Generally, those who can see with their minds the potential of an opportunity and act quickly usually enjoy greater benefits.

The Reality About Network Marketing in Health and Wellness Industry as A Feasible and Viable Home Business:

1. It takes advantage of two powerful trends currently and in the future:

Health and Nutrition

Relationship or Network Marketing

2. It also helps us deal with problems confronting most families today:

Declining health even of kids

Lack of job security

Rise in costs of living

You can decide to do something about it or ignore the reality. It is your choice!
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