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Florida Business Opportunity: Money in the Sun

Jun 3, 2008
Many people associate Florida with family entertainment with places like Sea World, Walt Disney, and MGM Studios littering the land. Some also associate it with elderly with scores of folks heading down south for their retirement. Still some others will take Florida as a party/vacation destination with the revelry and excess of a place like Miami Beach as a prime example.

The truth is that Florida is all of these things; it is this clever amalgam of definitions and evasiveness, which makes Florida the perfect place for business opportunity. While many may think of other things when they consider Florida, the fact is that for all these other things to exist there needs to be someone there to facilitate this experience. Hence, the Florida business opportunity is very real and very readily available for anyone who wants to participate.

Business is not just in the high tourist destinations of Disney and Miami. According to the American Business Brokers website, there are transactions which happen all over the place for Florida. So if you are looking to open up shop in Sanibel, Cape Cora, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Lee County, Collier County or Charlotte County, the current listing of the ABB website has businesses available for sale.

As more and more people continue to flee the colder, northern climates in exchange for the sunnier skies and smarter temperatures of places like Florida, there will be a growing need to service the people to come. Another quick look to the Florida Chapter of the ABB website shows in full force the needs which are pressing. "Site Development, Septic, Marina, Ship Store, Well Drilling, Water Treatment, Tile and Stone Flooring, Wall Installation, Lawn Services, Pool Excavating, and Glass Business," are only a few of the many businesses which are for sale in Florida currently. These are all industries where an interested party who has good management skills and a defined marketing strategy could do quite well for themselves.

While many of these industries are inclusive of manual labor, there are a number of others in the service industry, retail industry, and creative industry where you will be able to find your niche. Perhaps you have a particular skill set which could be of use at one of the theme parks or amusement parks in the Florida area; why settle for working for just one when you could perhaps provide this skill or service to them all? If you are leaning more towards the retail end of things then you would be very wise to get yourself situated on the street corner and begin pressing those T-shirts because a tourist arrives every minute that is looking for an original way to say "I've been to Florida - Look at my T-shirt!"

Understanding the consumer mentality is the key to success in any business; a proprietor who understands their clients is going to be able to reap the benefits of the client dollar by giving them what they want, how they want it, when and where they want it and at a fair price. If you can achieve this in Florida then you may just be the next success story with your Florida business opportunity.
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