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Raining Cash In A Crazy Niche

Jun 3, 2008
I hear it over and over again, "David, I'd love to be an Internet marketer, but I have no clue where to begin." The problem that a lot of IM wannabes face is that they think too hard. They want to come up with the next big thing when they don't have to. If you want to find a product that will make you a ton of cash, think like a child and see the world around you from the ground up.

When I was a kid, I loved parties...and the extra touches like balloons, prizes, and confetti made them all the more fun. Recently I came across a website that sells confetti. It grabs your attention right away because it lists big stars such as Paul McCartney, Toby Keith, Shania Twain, and other well-known names as satisfied customers on the home page.

Why are these people buying confetti?

It was enough to arouse my curiosity.

I couldn't resist looking through the "Confetti Showcase." What makes this site so much fun is that it actually uses Windows Media to demonstrate the confetti in action. How cool is that? As I looked through the site, the video demonstrations of the different types of confetti hooked me. I didn't even know there were different styles of confetti. I was a kid at a party all over again.

Before you laugh at the idea, think about it...What occasions do people use confetti?

* Birthdays
* Meetings
* Weddings
* Parades
* Mardi Gras
* New Year's Eve
* Graduations
* Concerts
* Bar Mitzvahs
* Sporting Events
* Television Shows and the Entertainment Industry
* And More!

Who buys confetti, and why would anyone want to sell it? From mothers of six-year-olds to event planners in the entertainment industry, a lot of people use confetti to celebrate special occasions, to add special effects, and to just have fun. With a market this huge, why wouldn't you want to get a piece of the action?

I'll tell you why this niche is wildly successful. It sells because it's fun. It works because it shows you--specifically--how to use the confetti for specific venues. It not only sells the product. It sells the experience. In essence, it works because it takes a simple concept and a simple product and sells it to a whole lot of people who can use it for a whole lot of occasions. Get the picture?

What I'm getting at here is that you don't have to reach high to make a mountain of profit. When these marketers started this website, I wonder how many of their friends and family said, "You're gonna sell what?"

It works because they're smart enough to know that they're not selling confetti. They're selling fun.

So when you're brainstorming for your next big idea, don't worry too much about the product. Think about the experience you want to sell. Start simple. Grow big. And if you're lucky enough to be the life of the party, look up. There might be more than confetti falling from the ceiling. If you're lucky enough to tap into this crazy niche, it might just be raining cash.
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