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Why do People Steal from Vending Machines?

Jun 3, 2008
Theft from vending machines is a huge problem in our society. People continue to do it though and to some it is no big deal. Yet the law and owners of these vending machines are getting tougher. Many of the owners have video cameras in place. Should they find anyone stealing from the on it, they will turn the tapes over to the police for further investigation.

This is a common problem in our society that goes back a very long way. Both children and adults seem to engage in it. How can you teach your child that stealing on any level isn't right if they see you doing it from a vending machine? This isn't one of those lessons where it is acceptable in some instances and then not in others. You need to send a consistent message that stealing is never the answer to any problem.

Just because there isn't a person around to make you responsible for your actions doesn't make it right. Many vending machine owners are tired of getting ripped off. You may be on a hidden surveillance camera and therefore someone is watching your actions. Too many people try to convince themselves that stealing from a vending machine is no big deal. Yet if you have to talk yourself into it that way you really need to walk away from the urge to do so.

For others, it really depends on what you mean by stealing from a vending machine. It could be on a small scale as I just mentioned. Some people know how to tilt a vending machine to get it to drop double for them every time. Others are more calculated in their efforts. They use tokens or they use coins on a string so that they never end up paying for what they get from the vending machine.

Other types of stealing from a vending machine are on a larger scale. They involve taking all the products that are inside of it. This often results in the vending machine being severely broken or completely destroyed. They may take these items for their own use or sell them to make some profits off of them.

Those that go to this extreme will also be looking for a way to take the money that is inside of it. If they haven't done their homework they may do it on a day when there isn't much inside. Yet most of them are very smart. They will wait around for a while to see what the routine is for the vending machine. They will know the prime day to empty it out right before the owner comes to do so.

Taking items out of the vending machine may seem like an extreme, yet some people continue to go further than that. They are bold enough to rip off the entire vending machine. They will clear it out of merchandise and money. They will either leave it abandoned or try to sell it to someone that has no clue it has been stolen.

Stealing from a vending machine is theft pure and simple. It doesn't matter which one of these categories that the issue falls under. You may get away with it, but hopefully your conscious will get the best of you. Some people do it for their own personal gain or for a thrill. However, there are legal repercussions to this type of theft and it really isn't worth the trouble you will get yourself into.
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