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Most People Never Make Money on the Internet

Jun 4, 2008
With the many opportunities available on the Internet it would seem reasonable to think that most people trying to make money do so. However, the opposite is exactly true. Most people never make money on the Internet for several different reasons.

1. They do not work hard enough. This can be a reflection on their life in general, and they may not be successful in their current job either. Because there are billions of websites on the Internet, all competing for the attention of millions of searchers, you have to work hard to get traffic to your website.

2. They do not learn the skills necessary. None of us are born into our Internet marketing success. You at least must master a couple of skills if you expect to make money on the Internet. These generally involve advertising and follow-up. The most successful Internet marketers get a lot of traffic to a moneymaking website, and then they follow up for future sales.

3. They do not have any money to make money. Making money online can be started without any upfront capital. For example you could join an affiliate marketing program and start your business for free. The problem is that it is much harder to do everything on a zero budget. This does require an almost superhuman effort, therefore, most people quit because they are never making any money.

4. Another thing we want to mention is most people never make money on the Internet because they put all their eggs in one basket. Again we will use the affiliate marketing industry as an example. There are way to many people trying to make all their money on one website. This doesn't work because you need to develop multiple streams of income by having multiple websites in various niches, to really make Money on the Internet.

5. The final thing we want to say is that even if you never approach Internet marketing as a business you can still make money on it. For example, there are people who earn a few hundred dollars a month taking online surveys.

This is not glamorous work, but it does allow these people to stay home and make money sitting in front of their computer offering their opinion on things. But again, this requires work and most people will give up and quit having never made any money.

In summary, most people never make money on the Internet because of one or all of the above reasons. That does not have to describe you, and hopefully you will get busy and start making money today.
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