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Using an RSS Feed To Build Traffic to Your Site

Jun 4, 2008
There are many different ways to get traffic to a website or blog today. Some of these are more effective than others, but certainly targeted traffic is the best traffic you can get today. One way to do that is to use an RSS feed where people can easily subscribe to your content on your blog.

In this article let's talk about how using an RSS feed to build traffic to your site is a very smart thing to do.

The definition of an RSS feed is it is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts. One thing that is without dispute today on the Internet is your visitors want to be in control when they arrive at your site. You can make this possible by allowing them to post comments in your blog, to watch audio and video online, to allow them to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter if you have one, or your RSS feed.

By providing content that is interesting, and then allowing your visitor to opt in to an RSS feed you are allowing them to be in control building potential repeat traffic. One of the most important things you can do when it comes to getting traffic is to concentrate on getting repeat traffic.

Repeat traffic is free traffic in that people will come back on their own when they feel you have something of importance to them. This is really what an RSS feed does. It should be mutually beneficial.

It allows you to offer fresh content that is interesting and relevant, and to keep your website traffic up to date on any new developments that you have.

RSS feeds do not have to be limited strictly to blogs either. People can receive new content to you via article feeds, discussion forum posts, updates on any specials or discounts, and various other ways you choose to use them.

One definite benefit of an RSS feed over e-mail marketing is avoiding spam complaints. Publishers of website content and blog content can easily keep in contact with people once they describe to your RSS feed, because there is no delivery problems.

If you are trying to be increased traffic to your site, then using an RSS feed is definitely something you need to be doing. It is very easy to set up and the benefits as we have listed, are great for building your online business.
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