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Opt In List Secrets That Really Work

Jun 4, 2008
For years now Internet marketing experts have been telling us that the money is in the list. What that means is you have built an email list of subscribers that agree to hear from you. This is known as having opt in subscribers and this is a very targeted form of making money online.

In this article let's take a look at opt in list secrets that really work so that you can build a successful list of your own.

There are basically two ways that you can build a list.

1. You can buy subscribers, which is a quick way to do it.

2. You can get them one subscriber at a time, which takes longer, but often are a better quality.

There are benefits to both ways of doing it.

For example, you can buy thousands of subscribers that have opted in to receive information about your products, and you will jump start your list very quickly. Many of these are known as co-registration leads and they are not subscribing to your list n particular when they do subscribe.

This does offer the potential for spam complaints, therefore it is important that you store these leads in an auto responder where you buy them. This will protect you, because the auto responder company will be responsible for keeping track of the opt in information which does prevent it from being spamming.

Another way to build your opt in list is to give away something of value in exchange for your visitor providing their contact information. This is becoming more commonplace on the Internet, therefore it is important that your giveaway really contain something unique and valuable.

No longer do people just want to sign up for a newsletter, because there are literally millions of those available online. What works better is to offer something of value such as a unique free report, or software that they cannot get somewhere else.

The best way to promote this is to create a landing page promoting your offer and containing the sign-up form itself. You may even want to go out and buy a domain name that redirects to the landing page URL.

Now all you do is you promote that domain name in as many different ways you can. The more traffic you drive to the landing page, the more potential opt in subscribers will get.

This is 2 opt in list secrets it really work for building your list. You can buy your subscribers, which is not as personal, but you can build a larger list quicker. Or you can build your own list by having a valuable giveaway in exchange for your visitors contact information.
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