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My Typical Day At Work From Home Internet Business

Aug 17, 2007
After wake-up at six a.m. IŽll check emails and found out 4 orders for my work from home internet business. I am very pleased because orders have come while I was still sleeping! Is this called work. No this is something bigger.

Some cups of coffee and then itŽs time to answer emails from prospects, who want more information to make it sure to join my program.

I see it very important to answer professionally and rapidly, because I know that these fantastic people will be my pre-sellers within the next days.

All mentioned above will normally take some forty minutes and bring nice revenue already at 7:00 a.m. Good start for a day.

Because work at home internet business needs constant fuel to be profitable, IŽll write one keyword article. This is my strategy, to use the ways of promotions which will build a long-term, targetted traffic to my site.

I have found out that keyword articles are the best for my work from home internet business. In these articles I can explain in-detail the business, so the reader is already excited and interested when visiting my site. I do the article writing so well I can, because they will influence long-term.

Then IŽll submit every article into around 700 directories ( with software ) and into my blogs using different, low competition keyphrases. Like this IŽll get my message into hundreds of different markets all over internet, which will sell my program day and night.

Article writing will take some two hours. Now it is time to check from Google that my work from home internet business is working properly.

IŽll type my keyphrases into Google search bar and check on which position my site, blogs and separate articles are. It seems very good. Pole positions or first page positions are important, because they will bring good flow of new visitors every single hour into my site.

The keyphrases I have chosen get some 350.000 searches in every single month. I have done SEO ( search engine optimization ) for my site which has quaranteed a profitable position on the front page in the Search Engines.

It is nice and safe to think that all those articles in different locations in the internet will bring a constant flow of visitors for my work from home internet business. Even when I am playing golf at my golf club.

Now it is time to add one-way links. These are fantastic because they also work day and night.

Search engines appreciate incoming links, especially if they come from good PR sites. Links means that my work from home internet business is connected with other businesses. Relations, relations.

Work from home internet business is a fantastic business because after about two months I could make break even ( costs=income ) and after that it has been pure profit.
Affiliate program is maybe the only business that works so rapidly.

As you see I only use ways of promotions which will bring small but constant flow of targetted traffic long-term. My parent company takes care of all but promotion, which will save me from all legal, shipment, sortiment etc. issues.

I know many people have dreamed about this kind of lifestyle but believe me, with a good program it is possible. The only thing you have to understand is how to make targeted traffic to your site with low cost.When you have understood this, you have solved the problem. As simple as that.

Now it is at eleven a.m. and I can concentrate on other issues. My work from home internet business is doing profit all the time, internet never sleeps.

Next day IŽll add some more articles and my business will be even bigger. A real accelerator is my downline, i.e. those people who I have recruited under me. Those people will expand my work from home internet business by going into new countries and new markets.
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