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The Secret To Crushing Your MLM Competition Without Bloodshed

Jun 4, 2008
All network marketing companies virtually offer the same thing: a chance for a better life. The products and services may differ. The network marketing structure may be dissimilar in several ways, but in the end, all of them are still selling the same thing. This scenario creates extremely stiff competition, but one way of rising above it all is by branding yourself.

What's The Difference Between JK Rowling And C.S. Lewis?

Okay, one's alive and the other one's dead but besides that, the differences between both children's lit writers are easy to recognize, isn't it? It would be too easy to ask for the differences between JK Rowling and Stephen King since you're talking about two different genres. That's like asking the differences between a network marketing firm and a SEO consultancy firm. They're related, but they're not the same. But if two people were to belong to the same industry or genre, would it be possible to still have their own voices distinguishable?

Of Course It Is, And That's When Branding Comes In

JK Rowling made a name for herself by creating highly likeable characters and a fantastic world of magic. CS Lewis also made a name for himself by virtually taking the same path but you still can't say they're still the same, can you? Harry Potter and his friends are just too different from the Pensevie siblings the same way Hogwarts and the rest of Rowling's fantasy land is different from Narnia. Both were able to create an extremely successful series by letting their voice shine through.

You need to do the same in network marketing. How can you distinguish your offer from other network marketing offer? What can be your own Harry Potter or Narnia?

Branding Isn't About Destroying Others

CS Lewis didn't make a name for himself by lambasting other authors in the same genre. JK Rowling didn't get to have a popular series by ridiculing other people's works. They did their own thing and minded their own business.

You should do the same, too, in network marketing. Rather concentrating on hurting the weak spots of your competitors - that's an acceptable technique in some cases but it's not particularly helpful in creating branding strategies - focus instead on highlighting your network marketing offer's strengths. What opportunities do you offer that others don't? To put it more simply, what do you have that they don't?

A Few Questions To Help You Make A Branding Strategy In Network Marketing

To help you create a branding strategy for your approach in network marketing, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself.

Who Is My Target Market?

Who are you selling to? Your brand must please them first before anyone else. If your target market's too big then consider narrowing it further. It's easier to create a branding strategy when you've got a niche market.

What Is My Pricing Strategy?

Is the offer affordable or is it designed for the upper end of the market? Do I really want it that way? Will my target market find the pricing reasonable?

What Values Or Traits Can I Promote?

Think about your personality and how you can better adapt it to your offer. Do you want to brand your offer as something fun or challenging? JK Rowling, for instance, promotes the value of love while CS Lewis focuses more on faith. How about your offer?

Think about these things and they're sure to help you brand your network marketing offer effectively.

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