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Keeping your Blog Fresh - What To Blog About

Jun 4, 2008
The Internet is full of orphan blogs. These are blogs that were started and abandoned because people could not keep up the enthusiasm for maintaining them. Keeping your blog fresh is a problem for many people and the reason for that is they do not know what to blog about.

Let's take a look at a few ways you can keep your blog fresh!

1. Go off line to come up with ideas for your blog. Depending on the niche that your blog is in there is a never ending supply of things to write about on the television, radio, in the newspaper, in magazines, and just going about your everyday life.

The key to making this strategy work for you is to be aware of what is going on around you. You never know where you might pick up ideas for your next blog post.

2. Subscribe to the RSS feeds of your top competitors. You will be kept up to date on what they are writing about and this may give you ideas of things you should be commenting on too. You do not want to plagiarize their work, but rather come up with unique angles of your own.

3. There are thousands of discussion forums on the Internet where people are giving you blogging ideas every day. Go and hang out in a handful of the top forums relating to the theme of your blog and see what people are talking about.

Many of the questions they are asking, and the comments that are being posted on, make for excellent topics for a blog article. As a matter of fact you can probably come up with a least one blog post every day just doing this.

4. Join a private label right's membership club. Infogoround.com, for example, provides you with literally thousands of articles that you can use in your blog as they are written, or you can make changes to make them unique.

Sometimes coming up with the idea on what to write about is the hardest part, and having access to new articles every month as well and as a database of previous articles, gives you a never-ending supply of ideas.

This is four ideas on what to blog about to keep your blog fresh. It is important that you keep a constant stream of unique content coming into your blog. This may mean only a couple of blog articles a week, but you want to be consistent in how you do it. If you do that you will be rewarded with repeat visitors as well as search engine traffic on a regular basis.
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