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A Few Web Design Tips

Jun 4, 2008
Keep in mind these next few tips when you're designing a web site.

Upper Left Hand Corner

Always put your business logo on the upper left hand corner. Especially for English speaking customers, the upper left hand corner is the most valuable space. People have been conditioned to read from top left to bottom right and it's no different with web sites.

Just as computer applications put the most valuable command, the File command, on the upper left hand corner, you should also put the most valuable thing, your logo, there as well.

Easy Links

Small links with tiny text are hard for most users to click on. Our second tip is to make links consist of more than one word. Or even, use a large button with text on it. And don't put your cascading menu options too close to each other, as it makes wading through the submenus difficult.

The Fold

The most important stories were always printed on the top half of newspapers. These stories were "above the fold."

In web design, above the fold refers to content that first appears on your computer screen without having to scroll down. Needless to say, place your important content above the fold because more people will see it that way.

Separate Layout From Interface

Because the homepage is the most important page, you should have several options to choose from regarding layout and graphics. Make several graphic designs and put them in a powerpoint slide. This will make it easier for your client to browse through and choose from.

Worry about the interface after having chosen a graphics layout/theme.
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