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Jun 4, 2008
Wealthy Affiliate(WA) University is an online community which provides support, tools and guidance to earn money in affiliate marketing. I am sure you are not interested in what wealthy affiliate is providing, instead you are interested to know whether all the stuff that wealthy affiliate provides is useful or not. In my reviews on wealthy affiliate, I will show you how much stuff is useful and how much stuff is just a crap.

Once you join WA, you will get a mail from Kyle & Carson, owners of WA community informing you all the tools and service available. At the very first, it was very hard for me to understand all terms used in mail. I just understood only one word Forum. After logging in to member area, I checked out all information out there. There is so much information they have put together. It is very easy for any beginner like me to overwhelm by all information. So I just went to helper forum and post that from where I should start?. I got a response to start with 8 week action plan.

My Views On 8 Week Action Plan

8 week action plan is very useful for anybody starting without any knowledge of affiliate marketing. You will learn exactly what affiliate marketing is, how it works and how WA can help in that. For intermediate or advance affiliate user, it is very difficult to wait for 8 weeks. I won't suggest 8 week action plan for intermediate or advance user. Of course, they will benefit from 8 week action plan. But advance tutorials are available for them also. They can use available tutorials from learning center.

Learning Center

Tutorials are divided in Junior, Intermediate and Senior category. Intermediate and senior people can use these tutorials to learn advance techniques and tips. In learning center, video are also available to learn. Some e-books are also available to download. Learning center is a best place to learn if you don't want to wait for 8 week action plan. But I will suggest anybody joining WA to follow 8 week action plan because there is a difference between learning things and learning things systematically. In 8 week action plan you'll learn the thing the way it supposed to be.


Forum, I will say, is the well worth of full payment where more than 13,000 people are current members. Of course not all people are active in forum but there are many advance people sharing their knowledge. If you have any question, no matter how silly it is, you can always throw it in the forum and you will get a response from some advance user.

Tools I Use From WA

There are many tools available in WA as a member. But I have found only few of them to be useful. Some of them I am not using. I use Google Match Types, Competition Spy Tool and ClickBannk Research Tool. For keyword research I prefer WordTracker. The most useful tool is Clickbank Research Tool available at WA. I use it because that tool provides refund rate which is not available in clickbank in build tool. You have to calculate it yourself if you use clickbank in build tool. I use Competition Spy tool to find out the words which are useful for AdWords bidding. Using this tool you can easily find your competitors are bidding on which keywords.

Some Thing About Crap

Well, not totally crap but some features are crap for me. I never use WA Space, WA Jobs, WA Hosting and Site Rubix. I am not using WA space because I am not that much social and I didn't find any benefit using it. For WA Jobs, if I want to out source any work, there are many other websites which provides good workers than I can get at WA. For web hosting, I use DreamHost but WA hosting can be useful if you don't have hosting account anywhere else. Site Rubix is a tool to build website online. I prefer to build websites off line which give me more flexibility than I build it online. Site Rubix is useful for those people who don't know HTML to build web site.

How Much Have I Earned After Joining WA ?

Finally you will definitely will be interested in knowing how much I have earned after joining WA. I joined WealthyAffiliate.com in mid January, 2008. It took me almost 4 months to get my first sale. I have earned $31.85 since the time of my joining. Yes! you have read it correct. Only $31.85 but still I am a member of wealthy affiliate university. Why? Simply because WA did not give any guarantee that I will become millionaire after joining it but what they guaranteed that they will provide all tools and support needed which they provided. I am happy that I have got my first sale with the help of WA and well this is my first step in affiliate marketing business. Developing a good business always takes a time. There are some members who got their first sale in just a week or month after joining WA but you might be like me and it can take time as long as 4 months to get first sale.


I will suggest wealthy affiliate university to any one who wants to make their fortune online. Remember WA won't make you money. WA will only help you in making money. After all your success depends more on you and less on WA.
About the Author
Dhruv Patel is a member of wealthy affiliate university. He is a new affiliate marketer. Like all new beginners, he also tried many products to make money online and finally he has found wealthy affiliate university. Wealthy Affiliate University really helps new affiliates to make money online. To know more about wealthy affiliate, visit Wealthy Affiliate University.
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