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How To Make US$1,000 A Month With Google Adsense?

Jun 4, 2008
One of the most popular sources of income for websites and blog owners is the Google adsense program. Google adsense whereby you can put in Google advertisers on your own webpages and when your website visitor clicks on such advertisements, you will then earn money from Google.

Can you really make money on Google adsense? I've seen many successful cases of entrepreneurs earning thousands of dollars each month using this method alone. The key is to fully understand how this works, and then study the statistics that are derived from the Adsense area.

One of my internet marketing coaching students recently asked me this question, when should i apply for Google Adsense?

First, the details about this program as listed at http://Google.com/adsense so you can read more about this money making program before you join it.

Before applying, you should think of these points:-

a) What website are you using to apply? That domain name / website should already have a few contents pages and no under construction webpages.

- if you are using a BLOG to apply then the best choice is to use your Blogger account (Google's blog website will display your blogs such as http://1discountshopping.blogspot.com) - if you are hosting your own blog with the installed blog version, then you will specify where google adsense codes are to be pasted. Sample blog is http://www.eonenet.com/internet_marketing_blog

- contents on your website do not mean that you just cut and paste some images there, or add in a full list of affiliate programs but to really write useful tips / contents related to the topic of your website.

b) When creating your google adsense account, please make sure that you use your correct / real name as they will make the cheque payable to that name. Sometimes in Asia many are confused about their First name and Last name

- First name is your name eg Yok Ling while Last name is your Surname like Yap or Lee. If your name is Yap Yok Ling but the cheque is paid to Yok Ling Yap (as in US, the Last name is normally placed at the back), you don't have to worry as this can still be cleared by your local bank whether you are in Singapore or Philippines.

- If you wish to use an English name which is not listed in your identification card then it's better of that you register the name for the Google adsense account or your future joined affiliate programs using your "as per identity card / bank account name"

c) One more pointer to remember is to "hold" your cheque payments from Google Adsense. For international website owners, they will issue a cheque and mail to you for each US$100 that you earn from this publisher program. However, if you are clearing this cheque out of USA, then you will need to bear your local bank charges that varies from each country.

For instance, in Malaysia, a US Dollar cheque can be charged at RM25 to RM35 per cheque so the total amount that you receive at the end, will be a lesser amount. Moreover it will take about 21 working days before the cheque that you bank in will be cleared into your account.

What are the types of websites not approved or rejected for Google Adsense program? These include gambling, pornographic, and illegal activities website. Therefore, whether you have a personal blog or a managing a manufacturing factory's website, you can still earn money by placing Google adsense there.

After you have 1 registered google adsense account, you can use the codes provided inside the Google adsense's member area for your other blogs or websites.
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