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Market To Less People And Make More Money

Jun 4, 2008
One of the biggest mistakes people make when they market online is that they try to market to everyone and anyone. This is a huge mistake and can end up costing you a lot of money, and to top it off you probably will see poor results from all your hard work. If you find your self making this ways do not worry, because 95% of marketers do it. That does not mean it is the correct way to market though.

By now you should know that you need to find your target market so you can get high quality traffic. Now not all traffic is created equal and this is because not everyone is going to need or want what you sell. If you make just a few minor adjustments to your marketing campaigns you can easily start to generate more quality traffic to your websites.

So how does quality over quantity give you better results? Quality traffic will enable you to sell higher ticket items, and you will also be able to sell more items to one specific person. Where as if you market to the masses you find people who either cannot afford what you sell or cannot buy very much of what you are selling, and you can not sell to them multiple times. So in the end you just end up wasting more money then you really need to.

Here are a few things you can add into your marketing to get better quality traffic.

- Put words in your ads like serious entrepreneur only.

- Tell people how much your business is to join in your ad

- Make people fill out a very detailed form. The more details they give the better

- In your emails say call only if serious

- Make people buy a small item before you sell them on your big items

- Only call back leads who leave voice mails

- Stay away from words like cheap, free, and easy

- Get people to verify their email address

Those are just a few things you can do to help fine tune your marketing. Remember your goal should be to go after high quality leads who are very interested in your business. Now by just adding a few of the above techniques you will greatly increase the quality of traffic you get which over time will increase the amount of money you make.

Lets face it nobody out there likes talking on the phone to someone who is just going to waste their time. You want people who call you and are ready to go, because we all know time is money.
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