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What's The Point Of Sales Training?

Jun 4, 2008
Sales is that area of business that is run by people who can talk the talk and those that are successful at sales are typically good convincers and when the prospect of sales training is brought up it is often met with some extremely convincing opposition from those that don't look kindly on the thought of a few days in a workshop. The thing with sales people is that there are a number of them that believe that sales are based on whether they have a natural aptitude for making a sale. The gift of the gab.

Although there is a definite benefit for people that are naturally good at talking this is not the be all and end all. People can be trained to improve their sales techniques regardless of whether or not they are naturally good at sales and more importantly people that claim to be naturally good at sales can improve their sales technique and dramatically improve the number of sales they make by taking a few simple steps through sales training. So what does sales training teach and what do you need to be a good salesperson?


The attitude of the sales person is said to be the most powerful of all of the tools in a sales person's arsenal. It has been said that sales are contingent on the attitude of the salesperson and not on the attitude of the prospect (W.Clement Stone). Having belief in the product or service that the salesperson is pushing is a powerful way of convincing the prospect that it is right for them. The sales person needs to be enthusiastic about what they are selling and at the same time need to be sure not to be too pushy with the prospect.


Having an in depth knowledge of the product or service that they are selling is vital for a sales person. The sales person has to be prepared to answer any question that they are asked regarding the product or service. Quick answers can be a very useful way of encouraging the prospect to have confidence in both the sales person and the product or service. It is said that people like to feel that they are buying something as a result of their own good judgement and as a result if the sales person can let themselves be lead by the questions a prospect asks then they are more likely to make a sale.


It has to be said that the matter of integrity in sales can be a bit of a contentious issue. But no matter how much a sales person is driven it is vital that they maintain integrity. There are regularly horror stories from people that get fleeced by unscrupulous sales people that exploit people's weaknesses. These kinds of sales people inevitably get caught and feel the backlash from their actions. It is important to remember how important it is to be honest in your dealings. People respond to honesty and will buy from people that they trust. People also have the ability to work out who is trustworthy and who isn't so never underestimate the power of the gut feeling.


There is a common misconception that people can't be taught how to be better sales people but this is of course nonsense. The techniques that you learn in sales training can give you the tools to make sales more effective and with the right attitude, knowledge and integrity there is no reason that you cannot become a successful sales person.
About the Author
Shaun Parker is a recognised business consultant. He really values the use of Sales training as a method of improving your sales.
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