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Jun 4, 2008
The ultimate success of every web based company is contingent upon that company getting quality traffic on their website. The higher a website is listed in a search engine results page the more likely they are to increase the volume of traffic on their website.

SEO or search engine optimization is a series of techniques that are used by companies to improve their search engine ranking. These techniques are based on the proper use of keywords throughout a web page to increase the likelihood that it will be noticed by a search engine. One of the most common SEO tactics that companies employ on their websites is the use of keyword content to make the site more user and search engine friendly.

The content that you place within your web page is directly related to your search engine ranking. Using well written keyword content that utilizes your targeted keywords helps a search engine relate your website to those keywords, thus moving it up the search engine ladder. To write keyword content an individual must repeat the keyword or phrase they have chosen several times throughout a written piece of work that will be placed on their website. Keyword content can be in the form of any type of written content on a website, be it a blog, article or simple business description.

When writing keyword content for a website an individual must be careful to follow certain guidelines so that the content is effective. It is important that a user does not over use their keyword while they are creating their keyword content. Over use of a keyword can have the opposite effect of what the user is trying to accomplish. Stuffing keywords may initially jump a web page to the top of a search engine results page, but once a search engine detects that a keyword is over used purposely it may remove the page from the search engine altogether.

Individuals creating keyword content also need to consider what they are offering the users that come to their website through the content link. The keyword content written on a website should be relative to the website or it is pointless. The idea behind keyword content is to increase volume, but if the content you have displayed is not relative to the service or product that you are offering the traffic may not lead to increased business.

The key is to draw in quality and relative volume to attract the customer base in which you are marketing yourself. Having well written keyword content is the secret to success when using keyword content on a website. When a user selects a link from a search engine results page they do so because they believe the link will provide them with the information they are searching for. Providing useful information that users can benefit from increases the likelihood that they will revisit the website in the future. If the information is useless and only serves the purpose of drawing the visitor to the site it defeats the purpose of creating the traffic.
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