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Looking in the Mirror of Internet Marketing

Jun 4, 2008
Bloggers will involuntarily create a certain vibe or profile which affects the way that web visitors view them. This vibe or feel will define the blogger and can provide valuable marketing strength to the blogger.
While we might not like to admit it, image and web relationships hold an extreme force in today's world. Take a look around the World Wide Web. Every web site has its own image, its own feel, its own flavor, what have you. Compare this to people. How do you perceive your best friend? How do you perceive him now?

People are superficial. This is a sad but true fact about the human species. The way we view the outside world holds tremendous influence over how we feel on the inside. We should learn to cultivate peace inside, so that we are calm and strong no matter what happens outside of us. However, image and the world's perception of a website will have strong implications for any web business. This means that superficiality will often affect people's view of one another. This is true in the business world, just as it is true in the dating world.

Be Who You Are, And Dress Up Well (Digitally)
Before you start your blog or site, you should have a definite idea of what kind of vide you want to project. This is something that will affect your interchange with other people online. It should also be relevant to whatever business you are doing, or whatever subjects you are interested in.

If you've got a great online image, you can enjoy huge web traffic even if your content is mediocre. This is sad but true, but internet savvy people realize this and use it to their advantage.
Climbing the PR Mountain

Recently, an innovative technique has arrived that has resulted in overnight web success for various bloggers. In other words, the amount of people reading their blog has skyrocketed. Many people were raving about this strategy, saying it's the newest thing that has come along.
However, if you think about it, the idea is archaic. This is the Spartacus theory. Spartacus was a Roman slave who stood up to the Empire, and because he was a brazen maverick standing up to an empire, he was able to command a whole army of slaves to rebel with him.

Bloggers have been employing this strategy as well. One blogger will read what the most established fat cat has been writing, and she will challenge it. Her maverick attitude will surprise the other people who read the blog, thus guaranteeing her strong links. However, one must be an expert on whatever subject one is talking about. You must have credibility to employ this strategy.

Blogger Without A Cause
There's also the Blogger Without A Cause theory. In this variation, the blogger cultivates a rebel imagine in order to attract followers. This is done by attacking an established blogger successfully, with logic. However, you can also include this theory in your own blog by posting challenging statements on your blog.
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