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A Successful Coffee Shop Needs The Right Location

Jun 4, 2008
A successful coffee shop needs the right location in order to make money. This is something you really need to make a priority if you want to operate this type of business. You may have spent time researching equipment, procedures, and even the right suppliers. Yet all that can be in place and still you aren't generating the volume of business you want due to the location not being a good match.

You can't have a successful coffee shop unless people can easily get to it. This means you want to be easily accessible for those that will want coffee on a regular basis. Thing about the economics of the area. Where do most people go to work? What routes will be used to get them there?

Take a close look around to how the streets are laid out as well. One way streets, busy intersections without stoplights, and even medians where a person can't turn will result in people not being able to easily get to your coffee shop. If it takes them 15 minutes to get back on the road after they stop, most will continue down the road to a coffee shop they can get into immediately and then back out of without traffic hassles.

A great deal of coffee shop business comes from those who will simply walk in. They may be working in the area or running errands. Being close to a library can be a great way to get customers. They can bring in their books and read while enjoying their cup of coffee. Don't forget that many high school and college age people drink volumes of coffee as well so if you can get close to them that is a plus as well.

Your location needs to be effective in relationship to the other coffee shops in the area. You may not want to set up right across the street from Starbucks. Getting their customers will be hard as people can be very attached to their daily routine. If you open one up about a half mile down the road though you can get a better flow of traffic.

It will be best to find a great location where a coffee shop is really needed because there isn't one close enough to walk to. If there is enough foot traffic around that area then you shouldn't have any trouble getting people to come is due to the high number of people who love to drink coffee.

Don't be in a rush to sure an empty building in a given area though. You want to make sure that the previous business didn't end due to the location not being a success for them. Get some history on what has been in business there and how well they did. If you see lots of closed up businesses in that general area then it likely isn't the place to put your coffee shop.

There are many issues to take into consideration before you select a coffee shop. The more planning you do initially the better off you will be. Don't put all of your time and effort into opening such a business and then realize it isn't in a good enough location to get the volume of business you need to be a success.
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Karyn Lewis writes about the ups and downs of the coffee shop industry. Avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they first start a coffee shop.
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