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Very Important Rules Of Website Marketing

Jun 4, 2008
When it comes to successful website marketing, the one word that should never be invoked is "haphazard". Instead, a deliberate approach that follows established successful marketing logic is a far better plan. This, of course, begs the question as to what rules comprise this logical, success based approach. While there are no absolutes that guarantee website development marketing success, there is a number of "tried and true" website marketing rules that will improve any strategy. These rules are worth examining.

Chart your goals - First and foremost, any website marketing strategy needs clearly defined goals along with a clear plan to achieve them. This will aid greatly in keeping any marketing plan on target and focused. For example, if you are selling a product you may have a goal of increased sales. In order to do this, you have to spell out exactly HOW you plan to increase sales. Also, the intended time frame for achieving the goal should be spelled out. This way, if you are not on target for meeting your goals, then the website development marketing strategy can be tweaked and modified. But this can only be accomplished if a clear goal is sought at the very beginning. You can't revise something that never existed in the first place.

Keywords - More than anything, website marketing relies heavily on search engine traffic. A significant reason for this is that most people find websites through their search engine queries. This is done by plugging keywords into the search engines related to the subject they seek. As such, weaving proper keywords into the text of a website is critical to any website marketing strategy. Without proper keywords, search engine traffic will always be minimal.

Stay up to date with website marketing innovations. There have been many inroads achieved in website marketing over the past three years. The explosion of pod casting, social networking, and file sharing services has all been utilized to market websites with tremendous success. Staying current with web development marketing trends along with being open minded regarding new marketing strategies are critical for success. Yet, there are many website publishers who do not take advantage of what these new inroads offer. Sorry, but a 1998 website marketing strategy will not work in the modern era. Exploring valuable cutting edge marketing strategies, however, will give any website's exposure a boost.

But never forget tried and true methods such as email promotions either! Email marketing to promote a website is virtually as old as the internet itself. Email website marketing has survived for so long is because it is effective if used correctly. This means a website must employ targeted emails derived from solid "opt in" lists. (Random spam emailing has long since lost its effectiveness) The email should also not be "prattle" and must include items of interest. This includes website news and updates, discounts on products and services, etc. This is a strategy that the major websites (Amazon.com, Borders.com, and Ebay.com) have all used for significant success. There is no reason why this success can not be duplicated by other websites.

Create a solid website. Ok, you have drawn traffic to your website....now what? Any website marketing strategy is only as strong as the website itself. If the website is poorly designed, difficult to navigate, not user friendly or just downright boring people will leave it soon after they arrive. As such, it is critical that any website being marketing be properly designed or any web development marketing strategy employed will be doomed to failure. If there was a golden rule to website marketing it would be this!

As you can see, there is no "magic" to proper web development marketing. There is simply a common sense approach that applies logical rules to enhance success. While this isn't always easy, it is never difficult either.

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