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Looking For A Profession? Try World Of Warcraft Fishing

Jun 4, 2008
In World of Warcraft you can customize you character exactly the way you would like it to be. Then it should not be a surprise to anyone that often the characters in this game are a reflection of the players behind them. One of the nice things is also that you can let your character have a profession and one of the options you have is become a fisherman in World of Warcraft fishing zones. Other online games don't offer the option of professions.

The basic of professions

- Every class or race can choose a profession
- Professions, also known as skills are something you learn over time
- At some point you will find that having a profession will be worth it all

There are basically two kinds of professions and these are production and collecting. You character in World of Warcraft can have two primary ones and the remaining skills as secondary. Most people have fishing as, not thought of, secondary skill. The thins is that fishing is of course good as a food supplier for you character and could be complementing other professions like cooking and could even generate some income without any risk on your part. You just need to find some of the better World of Warcraft fishing zones that you can fish in with your level.

In these fishing places you will find more then only fish. Things like gems, chests, herbs and other items. Some will be just nice to have around but there could be some that are reagents that are used by spell casters.

The practise

You will need a special trainer and a fishing pole when you want to learn fishing. You can buy a fishing pole at a general trade vendor. As time progresses your characters fishing skill will improve and it will keep increasing while you keep fishing and start to catch more and more fish. For some of the fishing zones you need a specific level before you can fish in it.

Let's look at some examples.

Characters with fishing skill 1 - 70 can fish in the zones:

Azuremyst Isle
Dun Morogh
Elwynn Forest
Eversong Woods
Tirisfal Glades

On the other hand for the following zones you will need a fishing skill of at least 355:

Terokkar Forest
Zangarmarsh West (Marshlight Lake, Sporewind Lake, Serpent Lake)

So you see that each zone you want to fish in has it's own base skill level that is needed before you can start fishing in them. If you start fishing in them but don't have the right level yet you will be told you can not do so the moment you start your first cast in that zone. Another thing that is not told in the World of Warcraft is that when your skill level is lower then the base skill of the zone plus 95 points you will see that some of the fish get away, you will see the bobber splash but no fishes are on the hook. An example would be that the base level of the zone would be 30 and you have fishing skill 40 then you are allowed to fish there. Only the level you have is lower then 30+95=125 so some of the fish will get away.
So have fun being a fisherman and consider having it as your primary profession and don't pass that World of Warcraft fishing zone.
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