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Guaranteed Website Visitors - Don't get Duped

Jun 4, 2008
So you're prepared to purchase much unique web site hits? Consider This, a lot who conceive purchasing hits are frequently led astray and cheated. Wholesale Traffic vendors are commonly distributing Bot hits. This variety of web traffic results in nothing but counterfeit statisitc inflation. If this makes up your goal then great for you, othewise read on!

A lot of web site hits vendors will assure you a million visitors for the minimal cost of $50.00. Well you receive what you pay for. You will not obtain directed web site visits, you'll merely incur a robot hitting your page. How can we counteract this? There are indeed many ways to combat this, but we will adhere the most authoritative one.

When you buy web traffic you must ask the following questions: Is It Unique? Ask if the traffic is 24 or 48 hour unique. This means that each and every REAL visitor sent to your site has not been there within the last 24 or 48 hours.

Numerous companies will direct duplicate visitors to your web site 100 times to assure that they conform to their quota. Second you ought to ask what the website hits source is. Are they robot hits? Is it URL redirect traffic? Is it Pop-up or Pop-under traffic? In conclusion, be sure to inquire if their hits come by superior caliber domains or trash domains.

Let us look at popup and popunder traffic. These varieties of traffic are an annoyance to everyone who sees them. No one, and I mean no one wants to see popups or popunders. They associate this with deceitful practices and will often automatically consider your site spam or illegal. When you buy website traffic make sure that the traffic is domain redirect traffic.

Domain redirect traffic is truly the best of breed when it comes to buying bulk traffic. This traffic comes from websites that have expired and still have people coming to them! Think about it this way, lets say you had a semi successful website for 3 years, got a pretty large following and then just let it go. The domain expires and you forget about it. People like us then buy these domains, categorize them and use them to REDIRECT traffic to our clients websites. Traffic resellers buy domains from many categories. This is done to better meet their clients needs.

Let us assume for a moment that you have a igreat website on cats. You visit a traffic sellers website and request one hundred thousand unique targeted website visitors. A few web sites will permit you to select your category, others simply will not. In fewer words, with the first website, you are stuck with all-purpose website traffic. This website traffic is not category targeted and 99 percent of the "unique" visitors might not care about cats!

The second site allows for the selection of a more targeted variety of traffic. This category specific traffic will increase your probability for gross sales, clicks or what have you. Site 2 might contain a category called "Dogs", well it's an easy decision to select this category in that one in three visitors inquiring about pets are looking for a dog site! The cost for site 2 might be more than site 1 but the traffic is far better. Read on to see our suggestions for domain redirect visitors.
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