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Jun 4, 2008
There are many kinds of sales job, which differ by company, product, field or industry. Although sales work varies from industry to industry, in its most basic sense, a sales position involves persuading prospective customers to buy your product or service.

The individual involved in this kind of work is called a sales agent. More specific variations of the job are business managers, sales managers and transaction brokers. These are the people that companies depend on to bring them profits. They close the deal and sell the product for the company.

Working in the sales industry can be very enjoyable and rewarding. To bring the best out of sales agents, companies offer a financial reward to whoever gets to close the most number of deals. Other firms provide a different type of incentive, such as free travel or a brand new car. Ultimately, the company benefits from this kind of scheme because it increases the competition among the sales people.

There are numerous ways to make sales. Sales techniques differ from company to company while independent sales agents work with the technique they are most comfortable with. Among the most popular sales technique are door to door, telemarketing and request for proposal.

The door to door sales technique is probably the most common. This technique, however, is also the most difficult way to make sales. It requires the agent to go directly to the prospective customer to sell the product.

Telemarketing or telesales involves the use of telephones to contact prospective customers. The telemarketer introduces the product or service to the customer over the phone. Telemarketing commonly makes use of a sales speech or a sales spiel, which includes a scripted line from a product presentation.

Sales can also be done through a request for proposal, commonly called bidding. The company needing a service invites prospective suppliers to bid. This requires the prospective supplier to pass a bidding proposal regarding their service or product.
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