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Jun 4, 2008
Is that face you've been wearing been like the face of someone who's bitten a sour apple? Or are you having a hard time like everyone else living from paycheck to paycheck? Maybe if you buy a lottery ticket you'll be the lucky winner, it's the effort that really counts you know. A wealthy man once told me if you want to be rich, look to the inside before the outside, that's a wise choice and many have proven so.

We all have an inner genius we can tap into. All we have to do is have the patience and courage to start using it. The best way to go about doing that is to tap into those who are willing to connect their inner genius to yours, and show you a better way of doing things, creating financial freedom in your life.

Persistence, never giving up is the character that keeps on winning. That sounds easier said, but the ones that find a way to get it done have the time for a lot more fun. Mediocre is not a way of life for them, they never complain to much and stay away from those that do.

I stay away from those who waste to much time with mindless chatter. It sounds weird, but they like the rut their in, they don't have the courage to move on, they hide behind a water cooler face. I could put a hundred inspiring books in front of them and they would still waste their time repeating their endless opinions.

We have all been taught from the get go, that an education is very important and it is, but most of the jobs people are getting even then are dead end jobs. That is very uninspiring after a while and you fall into a rut and may never get out because your burned out and then your definitely not going any where to quick, how spiritual is that?

There are those who make a hundred grand a year or more, and are happy doing what their doing. If they are smart they smart they will enjoy life and be adventurous without going into debt. Then there are those who make thirty five, forty thousand a year after educating themselves thinking this isn't bad money when they start, and I've been there, but without substantial raises you start to struggle to keep up!

The fastest growing, the largest industry ever is the internet, and I tell you know you need to motivate and change the way you look at things if you want success. The internet is here to stay and is an important tool for those that can create and inspire others to follow and take advantage of very credible opportunities that are creating large incomes.

It wont be long many people will see themselves doing this same thing, getting positioned in a turnkey opportunity learning a skill they can do from the comfort of their home anytime of day. The potential is incredible and I have been very successful in the last year doing just that, because I opened my mind to a new way at looking at things!
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