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Choosing The Correct Public Liability Insurance For Your Company

Aug 17, 2007
Public liability insurance covers the amount you may need to pay a customer if the customer suffers any injury at your business premises. It also covers damages if your business causes any damage to their property. Moreover, you will also get reimbursement for money paid like legal charges for defending such claims. This is particularly important, because even if the court does not award any damages, still you need to pay a large amount of money as legal fees.

The necessity of this type of insurance can be understood by the fact that no one can run a business without risk. You cannot afford to ignore the risk factors associated with your business, nor can you remove risk from the business completely. Furthermore, it is your legal obligation to compensate for any injury to your customers or loss of their property caused due to your business. Do not take it lightly, because sometimes it may be more than a million dollars.

You must buy a public insurance policy so you do not have to pack your bags in the event of a bad disaster. No matter how large the amount that a customer claims, the insurance company will always be there to reimburse full the amount of the claim along with legal fees. With a bad weather friend like public liability insurance standing behind you, you will be able to concentrate on your core activities confidently rather than praying that the worst should not happen.

Some Typical Examples
Here are some examples of when you would need public liability insurance. You own a plumbing company. One of your client calls and you repair something in the client's kitchen. While trying to find the fault you suddenly burst the pipe. Water comes out with so much pressure that it completely damages the computer system and carpet of the client. You will have to compensate for the losses.

Now for another example. You operate a marketing business from your office. Your customer twists a knee while visiting your office because of a poor quality carpet system. You will need to pay a claim for the injury.

Similarly, if you deal in building construction and a passerby is injured because one of your employees dropped something. You need to pay for the injury. The possibilities are endless. Instead of wasting time and energy on exploring possibilities, it is better to buy a public liability insurance and rest assured.

Additional Help
There are companies online that can lead you to the right insurance policy for your business.
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